18 Simple Natural Hair Quick Styles For 2024

One of the most exciting things about wearing natural hair is how a simple hairstyle tends to look exquisite with it, natural hair requires lots of attention and also nothing too tight and overly dramatic to prevent damages hence why we have compiled some amazing 2024 quick hairstyles.

Quick hairstyles don’t have to be boring simply because it’s easy, you can add some fun to it and there are so many ways you can attain that.

Natural quick hairstyles can be customized to bring the look to your personal style, just communicate your goals to your stylist.

Below are 18 fascinating natural hair quick styles you can also make in the comfort of your home or show to your stylist for a more professional look.

1. High Rolled Bun

quick hairstyle for natural hairSource: Pinterest

A high rolled bun is more of a conscious hairstyle for natural hair, it protects your scalp and hair strand from having split ends, high bun is one of the hairstyles you can make your self, not only is it deemed protective by a dermatologist but also a low maintenance hairstyle, which means you spend close to nothing to make it.

2. Ponytail Afro

quick hairstyles for natural hairSource: Rebeca

Ponytail afro is used to show off your curls, you need to make sure not tucked in for this hairstyle to be really worth it, a little packing is done at the front done to give it a ponytail look and the rest is allowed to fall to represent a curly afro hairstyle.

3. High Ponytail

quick hairstyles for natural hairSource: Pinterest

Now long hair and short hair can make the same quick hairstyle with no extension or fuss, a ponytail keeps your curls well tucked in and also a pretty simple hairstyle to make.

4. Medium Bun With Front Base

quick hairstyles for natural hiarSource: FineArts

Add a base to make all the difference in your bun hairstyle, it beautifies hairstyle even more by adding a more classic look to it.

5. Afro Hairstyle With Low Bun

quick natural hairstylesSource: Area

Another simple look we are rooting for, all you need is a wide brim curl to straighten out the curls and styled this exact same way.

6. High Bun With Roll Out Curls

Quick natural hairstyleSource: Pinterest

Another interesting way you can show off your curls is with bun but this time, you straighten out those curls.

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7. French Braid Hairstyle With Side Clip

quick natural hairstyleSource: Hairmag

This is just the most suitable hairstyle for your long natural hair, nothing too dramatic.

8. Stylish Mohawk

quick natural hairstyleSource: Pinterest

Mohawk is one quick hairstyle every lady had to try at least once, gives a simple elegant makeover you can’t help but love.

9. Braided Ponytail

quick natural hairstyleSource: Protective styling

Another exotic ponytail you might want to try and this time with easy braids.

10. Side Braid With Afro

quick natural hairstylesSource: Refinery29

Most black women love their natural hair to be really long and wavy but the right hairstyle to keep it in check will surely be needed hence the creativity of this hairstyle if you want to flaunt how long you have grown your natural hair.

11. Edge Control Bun

quick natural hairstylesSource: American hairstyles

If you are transitioning then you might want to choose this easy to make hairstyle, it controls the frizz and lets the curls grow out nicely.

12. Wrap Around Braid

quick natural hairstylesSource: Twitter

Your hair would need to be straightened out to make this hairstyle neat and gorgeous, you can also describe this hairstyle as a dutch braid to your stylist. Short hair would need an extension to make this hairstyle easy to roll.

13. High Ponytail With Low Bun

quick natural hairstyleSource: Xotica Hair

A ponytail might be similar to a bun but both have its way of making a pretty good combination.

14. Bantu Knot

quick natural hairstyleSource: the aye-aye

Bantu knot is pretty common African hairstyle which is also referred to as African Queen, all you need do is braid your hair into a one strand braid and have it rolled into a knot.

15. Ponytail Frohawk

quick natural hairstyleSource: Innovateboom

Just a combination of frohawk with a ponytail to recreate a lovely look for those who are fond of both.

16. Medium Twist Out

quick natural hairstylesSource: Going natural

A medium twist out is for all hair length and you can easily have it done with any kinds of makeup and to any kinds of events

17. Blown Out And Straightened

quick hairstyles for natural hairSource: Pinterest`

Simply have those curls blown out with a deep side parting to rock.

18. Large Twist Out With Side Packing

quick natural hairstyleSource: Keyword Basket

This is pretty similar to a ponytail but this time with a side packing a twist out at the bottom to give it a simpler edge you can easily lose and restyle. This hairstyle is also recommended for getting your curls to show while keeping the foundation intact.


Natural hairstyles are not only practical but save your hair from damages and you won’t be stuck with just one hairstyle, there are so many options to pick from.

These simple quick hairstyles need not be dramatic, natural hair tends to be more gorgeous if the hairstyle is kept simple and also another way to show off your curls and length.

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