6 Ways to Add Personality to Your Home

Decorating your home never really stops. Improving how your base of operations looks and feels and making sure the comfort and security levels are at the highest of levels are some of the most important things a homeowner has to make sure of. But it is the littlest things that actually make a home feel like a home, that add personality to it all and that obviously show off the vibe of the people who live there. If you want to personalize your living quarters and offer your family a better living experience, look no further than this article. In the following sections we talk about the best ways that you can add personality to your home no matter how big or small it is, what your style preferences are, and what kind of decoration is your favorite. By the end of this read you will have all the right info on your side to turn your house or apartment into a place you never want to leave.

1. House Plants

While it may seem simple and ordinary, having house plants strategically placed around in a room or throughout the entire home will add so much life and personality to the space. The greenery will bring out everything else and tie the space together. You will have to look after the plants of course, which takes time and effort, but you can always pick the ones that need the least amount of attention. Cacti and succulents are great for this, as are various palms and bamboos that both look good and require little care. Bringing nature into your home is always a good idea because of the life quality and fresher air. Plants will help promote better living conditions apart from making the place look prettier.

2. Neon Lights

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If you love lighting ideas and neat glowing elements, there is no better thing to introduce into your home than a neon sign. The best thing about them is that they are highly customizable now, meaning you can make them say or show whatever you like. Place a food related one in the kitchen, a funny one in the hallway, or something relating to your hobby or passion in your favorite room. Modern neon lights can do so much and perform numerous different functions around the house. They can even light up the garden or be used as a sign to promote something you do. For a clever and fun way to add personality to your home, look no further than a custom made neon sign. For more on neon lights make sure to click here.

3. Artwork and Antiques

Should there really be any explanation to why art is a good way to add personalization and style to a home? Not really, but we will do it anyway. Artwork is beautiful to look at, fun to own, and quite interesting to talk about. It says a lot about the people who decide to put it in their home as they help tell a bigger story about them and their home. Collecting art, hanging your own, and arranging different pieces together is enough to bring out personality to any space. Antiques are largely the same in this sense. They capture the imagination whenever you look at them, add mysticism and history to your home, and uplift the spirits of anyone who spends time inside after a hard day. A fun thing about artworks and antiques is that you can pick and choose whatever you like. There are no rules to what you can find attractive and appealing enough to bring into a room.

4. Utilizing Colors

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Modern homes lack colors and that is a fact. It is now a trend to chase the ever-growing minimalist movement in home decoration that implies greys, browns, and whites. Even if you like this and if you want your home to be of contemporary design, you should add a splash of subtle color here and there, just to introduce some emotions and life into it all. Do not be shy to use bright colors like green, red, or pink. Smaller elements are enough to transform even the largest of spaces. Painting one wall in a brighter color can do the trick as the remaining three are more neutral. It does not have to be walls at all. You can have colorful flowers on the table, fruit bowls as centerpieces of your dining room, decorations that bring in more life and cheerfulness. Whatever it is, make sure to add some color into your home. It will surely make it more fun to spend time as well as more yours.

5. Make the Rooms Work

Designing the rooms to complement your style of living is how you turn a regular room into your own space, a regular house into a true home. If something does not work or help you live better or easier, it does not really make sense to have it. The rooms should work for you. The whole home should be personalized in a way that suits you and the family. Need a home gym? Get one. The furniture setup does not work? Change it. The kitchen or the bathroom are not working optimally for you? Think about how they can be utilized better. Whatever you want and need should be the reality of your home. Anything less will feel like the home is meant for someone else. Make it happen and start enjoying every aspect of your home.

6. Memorabilia and Accomplishments

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A house cannot be a home if it does not tell the story of the people who live there. And the best way to bring out the story is through memories and accomplishments. Having sentimental pieces visible will connect you more to your memories as well as the place where they were made, which is in most cases the very home you live in. Put important stuff in frames, have family photos around the home, and remind yourself of your success by displaying your certificates, diplomas, and trophies. Not only will it bring more personality into your home, it will also remind you of who you are, what is important, and who you are doing it for.