Celebrities With Amazing Poker Playing Skills

Poker and casino have been a famous pastime for quite a while now. There are many different types of games that one can play in a casino, but poker remains an all time classic. It is a card game which can be played with 20, 32, 40 or 48 cards, with slightly varying rules every time you change the total number of cards.

With the recent pandemic, nearly all sectors of human life took a shot and shifted online. The same applies to the gambling sector as well, which now not only has online casinos, but also hosts online competitions, tournaments, and betting sessions, and is seeing a surge in business ever since. If you too want to try a hand out in the online world of casinos, then you should visit bizzocasino.com as they have some amazing offers for you.

While poker is a game that is generally played in casinos, it can also be played at homes and at parties. And no one knows how to party better than the people of Hollywood. Given below is a list of all celebrities who are known for their excellent poker skills:

1. Jennifer Tilly

Jennifer Tilly is best known for her voice over assistance in various films, and Tiffany Valentine would remain her best character ever. She is very famous in the poker world, and is known by her nickname, “J Tilla, The Killa”. It suits her, as she is exceptionally good in this and has become the only celebrity to ever win the World Poker Series Tournament in 2005.

Tilly has made an empire in the game of poker, as she has won over one million USD as of 2019. Her partner for many years, Phil Laak, is a professional poker player and it is believed that she has learned a few tricks from his sleeves.

2. Tobey Maguire

Source: casino.com

The very friendly Spider Man has been playing poker for quite some time now, with him picking up the sport in 2004. He has been professionally trained many times under the apprenticeship of Daniel Negreanu, who has been a famous player and a World Series Of Poker champion for six times.

Maguire has been in the news ever since the infamous scandal with Molly Bloom, who used to organize these poker parties with Hollywood stars and later went public with their dirty little secrets in her book, which was later adapted as a live action film. Miguire has earned over $250,000 from the game, and is considered as one of the best players in Hollywood.

3. Shannon Elizabeth

This next actress on the list has made a name in Hollywood, and has appeared in several box office hit movies and television shows. Shannon Elizabeth, in 2006, described poker as a 2nd career to her and has been one of the most active poker players in the industry. She has also participated in the NBC National Heads Up Poker Championship in 2007, but lost to previous champion, Paul Wasicka. She had made quite a fortune from gaming and betting as well, and hence, is on this list.

4. Gabe Kaplan

One of Hollywood’s fine actors with great comic timing, Gabe has become an official poker player for some time now. He was introduced to the game back in the 80s, when he participated in the World  Series of Poker. Within a couple of years, he was already considered as one of the top players from the industry, when he won the Super Bowl of Poker. He went on to win the same prize two more times in his career and finished 3rd in the World Poker Tour, which was held in 2004.

He has, since, won many competitions and earned a lot of profit. His poker career got a little entangled with his acting, as he has been a part of various shows which featured a poker game.

5. Jason Alexander

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A true gem of a person, Jason Alexander has been playing poker for more than a decade now, but for a cause. Everytime he has participated in a poker tournament, or been a part of a championship, any money that he won was donated to a charity. These charities are either previously decided by the show runners or were a choice of Alexander himself. But  no matter what, it was all for this philanthropic cause. And he plays well. He won the Bravo’s Celebrity Poker Showdown, and bagged the first position’s cash prize of $500k for a charity of his choice.

6. Jean-Robert Bellande

Jean Bellande was a contestant and a Jury Member “Survivor: China”, which aired back in 2007. He has made a couple of appearances on TV and now is a full time and professional poker player. He was first introduced to the world of gambling and its limelight back in 2005, when he finished 3rd in a World Poker Circuit Event. Since then, he has mastered the tricks that have helped to win just a little under $3 million.

Besides having a well-established poker career, Bellande also owns and promotes his night club, which has nice profit margins as well.

7. Ben Affleck

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Ben is the latest Batman in the industry, and has become a reputed actor. Additionally, he also has some serious poker skills, which came into the limelight back in 204, when he won the California State Poker Championship, bagging a prize of more than $350k. He has then participated in various WSOPs since and has become one of the most famous players from Hollywood. He was also a part of Molly Bloom’s Poker Parties from the mid 2000s, which was later made into a film.


Poker is a card game that involves financial risks. It is advised for you to maintain a bankroll to limit your expenditure and maximize your wins. Moreover, you should avoid playing under the influence of any substance. Lastly, gambling is meant for adults, and is banned in some parts of the world. So, be very mindful of the laws in your locale and play safely.