Can Dogs Go Out In The Snow Without A Coat On?

Winter arrived a month ago, and for at least another month and a half, there are chances of snow and very cold weather. Recent weather reports have shown that the temperature is dropping and snow is on the way, and that means that each of us should be prepared for what is to come, especially from the aspect of keeping pets, especially dogs. Should you keep your dog indoors all winter? During the day, yes, you will keep it inside, but when it’s time to go for a walk, you need to act accordingly. What could you do?

A lot of people think that as long as their dog has a warm bed, they can let them out in the snow without buying them a coat. However, this is not always true. Dogs need to be kept warm even when it is cold outside. Why? Because they are smaller than us humans, mostly during the day in a lying position, but once they get used to some weather conditions, you need to adapt them to other weather conditions as well. You can do that by giving them one of the many models of snowsuits for dogs that you can find in shops like PawsPurrs.

A dilemma arose as to whether to buy them something that would keep them warm such as snowsuits or whether it was better to buy nothing and leave the dogs alone. We will talk more about this topic today when we bring you many more answers, so let’s see what we have in store for you. Let’s get started!

Do dogs need snow clothes and how do prepare them for snow?


Dogs and snow can seem like a natural match, but if your pup isn’t used to the cold weather, they could get sick. That’s why many veterinarians and animal lovers say that it is best to buy some clothes that would be good for your dog to be able to enjoy the snow. So that you can prepare your puppy for the snow, we have prepared some guidelines that we believe will be of great use to you so that you know how to handle your pet before letting him out in cold temperatures and a snowy environment.

Start gradually acclimating your dog to the colder weather

Take them on short walks in the morning and evening while it’s still light out, then increase their time outdoors as the weather gets darker. It’s a good idea to spend some time with them while the weather is cooler to prepare them for the temperatures to come. What is recommended? It is recommended that first when the weather is a bit cold, you take the dog outside without any clothing that would protect him from the cold weather. Then it is important to start taking your dog out to lower temperatures, but this time with a specialized snow suit that can give him warmth. It is important to gradually work on the preparation for going out in snow or cold weather.

Never leave your dog alone in a car or outside during really bad weather without dressing him in a warm suit to protect him from the cold weather

Even if you leave him for a few minutes, your dog needs to feel warm in the space he is in. If you have to leave them in the car, keep them warm by dressing them in their suit, which is designed for snow and cold situations. It is of great importance for them especially because it is a question of very cold conditions in which they are not taught to function. For them to function, they need to be in warm clothes that will provide them with all the comfort they need during the time spent in the car. Therefore, do not leave them alone for too long, but also do not leave them without warm clothes for snow and cold weather.

Keep an eye on your pup when they’re playing outside even if he’s in his snowsuit


Even though you’ve taken him outside and expect that he won’t want to trudge around in the snow, it’s still a dog and he wants to go everywhere, see everything that’s going on and enjoy his time outside. That’s why it’s important to keep an eye on your dog, even if he’s wearing his snowsuit. Why? Because they are temperamental and can go anywhere, lie in the snow, and even wallow in it even though they are cold. It is necessary to monitor the situation in case you need to leave and dry the dog, that is, take off the wet clothes he is wearing. Be careful because snow can be fun for them, but huge and cold when they get home.

Give your pup some food to fight against the cold before you go outside

Even if he’s wearing his snowsuit, your dog must leave the house prepared. Of course, before you put him in warm clothes, it is important to feed him so that he is ready for a walk in the snow and a walk in the cold weather. Make sure it’s high in moisture so it stays nutritious while they’re inactive indoors waiting for you to come back in life (or at least distractingly). Raw chicken necks are a popular option because of their high bone content which will help keep them warm and prevent Tammy Faye Syndrome (a deadly form of hypothermia).

Do your best to equip your furry pet as well as possible

Although they have fur and can be said to be ready for harsher conditions, it is still important to take care of them and prepare them as best as possible for the outdoors. In winter, it is important to prepare as many clothes and equipment as possible for them to be warm while they go for a walk in the snow or cold weather.

Always bring along an extra blanket or an extra suit for snow

Dogs know how to spend a lot of time outside, but also get wet easily from the snow. That’s why it’s important to think about these situations and be prepared. Always bring an extra blanket or extra clothes with you so that you can change them and warm them up after playing in the cold weather or the snow.



Every dog needs to be protected from cold weather, especially from snow. So buy him a coat and other types of snow clothing to protect him and give him the warmth and comfort he needs while playing outside.