How Long Do Your Smoothies Last When You Put It In The Insulated Cup?

Whenever you make a smoothie, it is better to consume it at that moment. One can also store it for two to three days in your refrigerator or a freezer. But if you are traveling and your cup is out of the fridge, it will last for one to two hours. It can last for many hours when your drink remains cool.

You can purchase an insulated cup, where your drink can last many hours. It is better to pour the frozen drink into the cup, and it will take enough time to melt; hence, it will stay in good condition. To buy high-quality smoothie cups, you must visit

Whenever you have travel plans and cannot miss a healthy snack, pre-planning is better than choosing appropriate containers for storing the drink. In this write-up, you will learn how to make your drink and store it for traveling so that it lasts many hours.

Smoothie Planning Needs to be Done for Traveling

  1. It is better to make the smoothie one night before you plan for a trip by blending all the suitable ingredients and pouring them into any container. You need to keep it in your refrigerator.
  2. When you are out to travel, take an insulated container and pour that drink into it. One can also put in some ice to keep it cool.
  3. While blending ingredients into a smoothie, it is necessary to use a good-quality blender as it will make the drink creamy and provide a fantastic texture. If ingredients are not blended and mixed, they will not taste good.
  4. Filling the insulated cup with smoothies along with fruits or vegetables is better. It is better if you do not leave any space on the top and seal it with an airtight lid.
  5. While traveling, many people have a cooler, and they put their drinks in it to keep it cool for many hours.
  6. While making a smoothie, one must blend frozen ingredients. It will keep the icy drink cool, and it will last more.

Method to Store Your Smoothies Cool for a Long Time

The best solution to keep your drink cool for a long time is to buy an insulated cup. You must invest your money in a high-quality product that helps in keeping your drink fresh. It is okay to store this healthy and nutritious drink in any cup in your fridge. Generally, many people prefer to use glass cups.

Before you step out for traveling, you must transfer it to the insulated container and store it in your cooler to enjoy the drink later. It is better to prepare the drink one night before you plan for a trip and store it in your car cooler on another day to maintain its taste and texture.

You must spend money on buying a high-quality cooler that comes with a perfect blender that you can use whenever you desire to take a sip of the drink. If you do not have an insulated cup, grab some ice packs and store your drink. Ice packs will keep the drink cool for some time.

Smoothie Last If You Store it in Your Insulated Cup


If you prefer to grab an insulated container for storing your smoothie, it will last many hours. It depends on all the ingredients you have added while blending into a drink and the temperature within which the container is kept.

If your blended ingredients are frozen, then it will last two to three hours. The better the temperature is reduced, the more your drink will last. In any case, you must try to keep your drink cool, and you can wait for many hours for sipping it.

While buying an insulated container, ensure it is of good quality. Many people prepare their smoothies and leave them overnight, all the suitable ingredients separate, and it can spoil your drink. It is better to drink it immediately once you prepare it. But if you must drink it another day, you must store it in your fridge or opt for an insulated container.

Smoothie Last Without Storing it in Your Fridge

If you have not consumed your smoothie immediately after preparing it, it will last for one to maximum two hours without storing it in a fridge. The duration depends on the surrounding temperature and the necessary ingredients that you have added to your drink.

High water content is there in all the veggies and fruits, which will separate in some time and get spoiled. If you have added protein powders to your drink, it will turn unhealthy if one does not consume them quickly.

If you store your drink out of the fridge for over two hours, it will start growing fungus, yeast, and bacteria. It leads to severe illness, and it is better to get rid of it. You can wait for one to two hours to drink it at room temperature.

Storing Smoothies in Your Fridge


You can take a container of any suitable material for storing veggie shakes in the fridge. Ensure to have an airtight sealed lid with that container. If air passes inside the cup, your drink will get oxidized and change its taste.

Once you seal the cup, you can also store it inside your fridge and consume the drink within two days. If you desire to make it last longer, you must freeze your drink. You can create ice cubes or also store them in Ziploc bags. It will make your drink last for a week. But you should keep checking the drink for its smell and appearance.

The Bottom Line

Your smoothie drink can last many hours in the insulated container, and it is perfect to use while traveling. To keep your drink fresh and delicious, you must blend frozen ingredients and store them properly in the fridge.

When you move out to travel, you must transfer the shake to the insulated container and consume it later. If you maintain the surrounding temperature cool, your drink will remain healthy and fresh.