Do Succulents Get Water From The Air?

How do you care for a succulent plant?

Succulents are ideal for use indoor and just like every other indoor plant, how you care for it and maintain it makes a more exotic plant to display, they make great indoor plant because they are made to survive dry conditions and this plant has thickened, fleshy and engorged parts which allow them to retain water in arid climates or soil conditions.

Succulents are considered an ideal houseplant cause they are really easy to care for and when one dies on you, it can be really embarrassing however this is understandable if you are new to succulents and to help you understand them, watering is one thing you have to straighten out.

Succulents might be regarded as easy to care for but they are not like other houseplants and if you try to water them like every other houseplant, they are not likely to survive but this only means you have to learn the right process of caring for them and also to prevent them from accidentally drowning themselves.

The fastest way to kill a succulent is the wrong watering technique however it is not limited to that, it is also crucial that the soil is giving them enough time to dry and are getting enough air as well.

Do Succulents Get Water From The Air?

Yes, the leaves from succulent will absorb water from the air around them, succulents are naturally equipped to absorb moisture out of the surrounding air with ease and this is even more so when they are placed outside hence spraying a succulent plant with just a bottle of water once a week will do just fine.

If you are growing your succulents plant indoor in humid conditions then it is ideal to keep them watered once a week and keep an eye on their roots as they may dry out if they are not getting enough water.

Is it better to water succulents at night?

No, you shouldn’t water your succulents at night, rather have them watered in the morning so the soil will try out faster all day from the sun which is not likely at night and might lead to rot in your succulent root.

You can also water your succulents in the evening when they are completely dry and it is believed that they halt their intake of water during a period of intense heat and sunlight but use a form of photosynthesis to take in water however succulents should only be watered when the water in the succulent container is completely dry.

Should I mist succulents?

No, you shouldn’t mist full-grown succulents, these plants are not like other plants when it comes to watering and they do not need to be misted as they thrive in arid climates and when you mist them, you will only be changing the humidity around them and this can lead to them dying.

Succulents need only be watered once or twice a month and misting them will only just get the leaves and the top layers wet however you can lightly mist propagation baby to provide moisture to their delicate root.

Is rainwater good for succulents?

Yes, rainwater is good for succulent provided it is not in excess, the rainwater is a more natural solution to watering your succulents and it provides it with nutrients.

Rainwater delivers moisture to succulent and might be just what your plant needs to restore it’s vibrant and pesky look after a dry hot spell however excess of it can cause roots to rot especially if the soil stays soggy for a long time.


Why do my succulents die?

Succulents are the easiest to care for but just like every plant, they do have needs that prevent them from dying and the quickest way you can accidentally kill a succulent plant is to shower it with love and attention which is basically from watering it in excess.

Succulents thrive on simple and minor neglects however the number one reason succulents die is overwatering but this is not in the sense that they get too much water, rather it is that they get too watered often.

Final Thoughts

Unlike other plants, succulents do not need to receive water regularly, the leaves of the succulent plant absorb moisture from the air around it especially if it is planted outdoor and all you have to do is spray the soil with a spray bottle once in a week or less, the amount you water a succulent is not as important as often as you have to water them hence why they are so sensitive to water.

Succulent is a common houseplant but is very prone to rot if watered too frequently hence you must ensure the soil is completely dry before watering them each time.