What Is The Best Way to Clean Grease Off Kitchen Cabinet?

Kitchen cabinets are magnets to sticky and unsightly grease stains and it can be really tough to get rid of these stains without the proper supplies, grease stuck to kitchen cabinet are the hardest to clean and oftentimes could not be avoided in kitchen environments as thanks to their close proximity to the stove pot.

Cleaning your kitchen cabinet at least every other week with a damp cloth and followed by a dry one can keep the grease minimal but dealing with a tough layer and greasy stain might need a more effective method.

Grease does not become hard to get rid of overnight, the older the grease stains are, the stickier and harder it is to get rid of.

There are a number of home solutions that can be used to get rid of grime grease stains effectively, and dealing with tough stains on your kitchen cabinet is inevitable however there are certain products in your home that are more suited to cut through the grime and wipe off the stain easily.

You can make your own cleaner from simple ingredients that can be found in your kitchen, read on to discover effective ways to clean grease off your kitchen cabinet.

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Best Way to Clean Grease Off Kitchen Cabinet

How do I clean a greasy kitchen cabinet? Kitchen cabinets might look clean from a distance and be covered in grease, grease coating your kitchen cabinets may resist normal cleaning methods and you might have to adopt a stronger cleaning method.

Cleaning grease off your kitchen counter every day after cooking a meal can be frustrating but it is best to stay away from harsh chemical cleaner if you already have a solution at home and ingredients that can be easily found at home for cleaning are healthier and cheaper.

Below are some effective methods to clean grease off kitchen cabinet.

1. Baking Soda And Lemon Degreaser

The combination of lemon and baking soda is one of the best ways to clean grease off the kitchen cabinet, lemon is an acid hence it cuts through the organ grime and grease faster and also leaves behind a fresh citrusy scent while baking soda is an alkali and cuts through goo quickly as well.

This recipe is quite simple and very effective.

  • Pour water in a container along with lemon juice and baking soda, mix it up
  • Spray it on the grease build-up and wait for a moment before wiping with a clean dry cloth and you get a grease-free kitchen cabinet.
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2. Vinegar And Hot Water

Vinegar and hot water are great for basic cleaning, this works as a natural degreaser however you need to be careful using vinegar and hot water as white vinegar is an acid and can easily damage u8nsealed surfaces like marble hence very little of it is needed and mixing it with warm water helps melt through grease which has stuck to the surface of your cabinet.

  • Mix the two ingredients together and with dish wash glove on using the hot water and vinegar mixture with a clean cloth to wipe the greasy cabinets

3. Cleaning Grease With Microfiber Cloth

Cleaning grease with a microfiber cloth is another effective method that won’t cost you anything and very easy to make use of regularly.

A microfiber cloth cleans grease off wood cabinets better than using paper towels or dishcloth and according to experts, microfiber cloth in negatively charged and incredibly absorbent which means they can easily attract the grease off the kitchen cabinet.

Carefully rub your microfiber cloth in a circular motion on your kitchen cabinet to clean the grease and rinse after cleaning to make it safer for use some other time.

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4. Dish Soap And Hot Water

Dish wash soap and hot water cuts through grease build up quickly with ease.

Grease build ups can accumulate over time and it can get thick and hard to dissolve and you can safely use a mixture of dish soap and hot water to clean it.

It is recommended not to use lot’s of hot water as it can seep in and damage your wood and if you do not have dish soap, shampoo or liquid soap will be good substitutes.

  • Pour one tbsp of dishwashing liquid into two cups of warm water
  • Mix the ingredients in a small bowl until the mixture foams
  • Use a damp microfiber cloth with the mixture to gently clean your kitchen cabinet without scratching it and you will have a grease-free cabinet in no time.

5. Ammonia With Water Degreaser

1 gallon of clean water and ½ cup of ammonia is all you need to get rid of thick grease on your kitchen cabinet, ammonia removes grease stain in seconds however make sure to scrub gently and slowly, do not use a large amount of ammonia and do not combine with bleach either.

  • Wet a microfiber cloth with a mixture of water and ammonia, scrub slowly and gently to get the grease off your kitchen cabinet in seconds.
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How To Prevent Grease Build Up On Your Kitchen Cabinet

The though of grease and grime on your kitchen cabinet might deter you from installing white cabinetry or counter of your choice, they have a reputation for being difficult to maintain.

However we have listed simple ways to clean greasy and grime stains off it and here are simple tips to help you prevent the grease stain in advance.

  • It is important to wash your hands when cooking to avoid getting grease from, your hand to your kitchen cabinet when you have to take something out
  • Keep the kitchen and utensils clean if you have to keep them in wood kitchen cabinets, this makes the cabinets easier to wash
  • Wipe done the stovetop and cupboards with a soft clean cloth every week. Dip the cloth into dish soap and degreaser and lightly wipe it over the kitchen counter to get rid of light grease.

In Conclusion

Most chemical grease cleaners are a type of acid and could damage the skin which is why at-home DIY greaser cleaner is more recommended and ensure to have gloves on while you clean your kitchen cabinet.

There are lot’s of natural home cleaning solutions that are going to help clean your kitchen cabinet and there are also ingredients to avoid, such as olive oil and baking soda used together will only attract duct to your kitchen cabinet and eventually spoil however walnut and linseed oil should be used instead.