5 Common Misconceptions People Have About Sex Dolls

Today, a sex doll looks like a real person. Their bodies are made of different materials and they are designed for different uses, equipped with sensors, actuators, and even with artificial intelligence in recent years. They can also have the ability to talk, show emotions, or have pre-programmed personalities. Some may perform some behaviors such as sexual movements or orgasm simulation. There are many unfounded misconceptions about these fantastic dolls and we will debunk every one of those myths.

1. Sex Dolls Are Used Only by Men

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This is the first misconception because today there is a large selection of models. This means you can choose a male or female doll. You can even buy mini sex dolls like ones available at xndoll.com or opt for transgender sex dolls if that is your thing. Just like the misconception about vibrators, this is just another false piece of information. Sex does not have to be the same for everyone and there is no one way to practice it or several. Pleasure is a unique feeling that each person has. It is based on your whole life, not just sexual orientation.

Mental and physical stimuli are different for everyone. This constantly leads us to research and experiment with endless combinations and levels of complications. So not everyone will like the same things. The industry can therefore offer you everything, you just have to know what you want. Sometimes, because of this delusion, people feel broken, because they are different from others. Don’t think about what the others would do, because that will only ruin the excitement and the most fun part. Thanks to modern trends and changes in the collective culture, sex toys are for everyone. Women and men alike love the use of toys and that has always been the case.

2. Sex Dolls Are Used by People Who Are Lonely

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One of the biggest benefits of a sex doll is precisely that it can replace the right partner if you are missing one. There is nothing wrong or embarrassing about that because we all felt lonely during one period. Of course, for some people, this feeling is constant, but the great news is that sex dolls can help them a lot. However, not all people are lonely and sex dolls are not designed for this reason alone. This is just another myth because today many couples use the help of this toy in their bedroom. It is equally used for busy couples. Some research shows that partners are not jealous of these dolls because they cannot develop feelings.

This means that they are not afraid that the dolls will really replace them and respect the wishes of their partners. So, sex doll is not a consequence of a lack of options. It’s the choice of people who know how to have fun. Their popularity is growing because new features are constantly being added. In that case, they have many advantages. For example, this is a great choice for those who have a problem with self-confidence in sex. The sex doll is a great way to practice and learn some new moves. You can also find out what suits you the most and what you like to do most in sex, it all affects your sexual abilities. After all, a sex doll is the safest type of sex because you can’t get sexually transmitted diseases. If you choose quality materials and do not share your toy, regular cleaning will always have safe sex.

3. Sex Dolls Can Ruin Your Sex Life

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You have heard this many times. Supposedly sex dolls are so good that they will lead you to problems with real partners. Such partners cannot satisfy you as a sex doll can and you end up with disappointing sex, but this is a totally wrong conclusion. Things like this should not be generalized, because your sexual pleasure with the other partner is influenced by many factors. A toy cannot ruin your expectations. If something like this has happened to you, it’s time, to be honest about your relationship. It’s not a sex doll problem but you just disagree with the other person in the bedroom. The sex doll actually helps you on many levels, because it improves your sex life and helps you understand your deepest desires and feelings.

4. Sex Dolls Are Not a Healthy Option

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This misconception refers to mental and physical health, but it is certainly just another misinformation. You can see a lot of different manufacturers, models of sex dolls, materials, etc. on the market. This means that you can always choose a high-quality product or a product that is very bad. Of course, worse products carry with them a certain risk when it comes to our physical health. For example, there are porous and non-porous materials. They are maintained differently and people react differently to them. An example of a non-porous material is silicone, which is a little more expensive, but is perfectly safe and provides a great feeling.

These materials are easily disinfected and do not have pores that can form bacteria, viruses, and other particles. We can’t say that about porous materials, which have micro holes in which the rest of the dirt is retained, which we can’t remove. They also cannot be exposed to high temperatures, nor to certain cleaning agents. However, that does not mean that you cannot enjoy safe sex. All you need to do is not share your toy with others and use a condom. Clean it regularly before and after sex and you will not have any problems.

5. Sex Dolls Are Expensive

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When it comes to choosing sex dolls, you can opt for models that are made of rubber, silicone, TPE, PVC, latex, etc. This means that the prices of these dolls vary. You can find models at very high or very low prices. Do not forget that the price greatly affects the quality. Since there are a large number of different models, everyone can find a product and fit it into their budget.


Sex toys are more popular than ever. The industry is attracting more and more customers and surprising consumers with innovative solutions. However, there are still common misconceptions that prevent many users from buying them. Don’t let these myths spoil your arousal and sexual pleasure.