4 Ways E-cigarettes Can Help People to Quit Smoking

In recent years, there were a lot of campaigns regarding the harms of cigarettes and why should people quit them. Such awareness campaigns were quite helpful and a lot of people started thinking about it. One of the ways of getting rid of smoking and cigarette use was the initiative taken by the government.

For example, in Australia, the government put a lot of health tax on cigarettes and that made them expensive. So instead of buying a pack of cigarettes, if you choose something else, you can actually buy a lot. Such high rates made people look for other options that can help them get rid of their smoking habit.

One such tool is the use of vapes or e-cigarettes. The main component of cigarettes is the nicotine that burns and you inhale it through the smoke. On the other hand, in vapes, you inhale nicotine through smoke but in vapor form. Thus, the thirst for nicotine is managed. If you are interested in buying vapes or related products, you can check out vapeking.com.au

Are Vapes Really Helpful?

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One common question that arises in the mind of people is the helpfulness of vapes in quitting smoking. Because in the end, you are just inhaling nicotine. So how can these gadgets help you quit smoking? Well, there is no such thing that vapes will get rid of your smoking problem. Moreover, even the manufacturers do not claim that.

So why do people think so?

Actually, in cigarettes, you burn tobacco, which in turn creates smoke that contains nicotine and also carbon monoxide and tar. Carbon monoxide is more dangerous to your health than nicotine. Therefore, people are so against cigarettes. Nicotine is not the most dangerous by-product of a burning cigarette, instead, it is carbon monoxide. However, nicotine is the component that makes you dependent upon cigarettes.

Therefore, even though you get nicotine through the vape, you are at least not getting any carbon monoxide. That is why people started replacing their regular cigarettes with e-cigarettes.

How do vapes work?

Vapes contain a tank filled with a liquid that contains nicotine as the main component. Along with nicotine, this liquid also has some flavors (optional), vegetable glycerin, or propylene glycol. So through an e-cigarette, you are not inhaling something harmful but just the nicotine. That is why people regard vapes or e-cigarettes as a safer choice for smokers.

4 Different Ways E-cigarettes Help in Quitting Smoking?

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E-cigarettes can be a substitute for normal cigarettes but whether they help you in quitting your cigarettes or not depends on you.

  1. Humans get addicted to nicotine in cigarettes and e-cigarettes also contain nicotine. Therefore, if someone plans to quit smoking, he has to get rid of his addiction. To do so, he has to minimize his nicotine intake. Eventually and gradually, the thirst to intake nicotine will also reduce. But for the time being, when he is still in the process of quitting, he will need some nicotine intake. Therefore, there are products like gums, chews, and e-cigarettes that contain nicotine.
  2. Whenever you feel like having the thirst to inhale nicotine and you are unable to control yourself, you can have the e-cigarette. It will get rid of your cravings. So use it only when you are at your maximum and cannot hold anymore.
  3. Similarly, while you are doing this, you should try self-control. And just when you feel like this is the end and you cannot do anything but get a puff of a cigarette, you should inhale an e-cigarette.
  4. They have a lower concentration of harmful chemicals, so they will be of great help to you.

Can Non-smokers Try E-cigarettes?

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As mentioned above, e-cigarettes contain nicotine. Therefore, they can be of help to smokers. However, no one has ever said that there is no harm in using vapes. Because they also contain nicotine. So if a non-smoker is regularly using it for fun, he will get addicted to it.

You will easily find a number of vapes with flavors. Therefore, teens get attracted to them. They can smoke while thinking that it won’t cause any harm to them. However, it is making them addicted. Therefore, if you are aware of the negative effects of nicotine, you should stay away from all such things. Cigarettes are nothing to feel proud of neither they make you look cool. They are just ruining your lungs and your health.

Best Way to Quit Smoking

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If you are serious about quitting smoking, you should consult a doctor. He will help you out with ways other than depending on nicotine products. Because you should use nicotine when you are unable to hold yourself anymore. So a combined effort will be really helpful in quitting smoking.

How Safe Are Vapes?

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A lot of countries have strict regulations regarding the safety of their vapes and their quality. Despite all those efforts and quality measures, e-cigarettes are not completely safe and free from risks. Although the concentration of harmful chemicals is lower than cigarettes it is still there. Therefore, you should try to get yourself out of this harmful habit.

Harmful Effects of Smoking E-cigarettes

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According to the study reports, smoking e-cigarettes is not safe at all. Moreover, they can be more harmful to you because they are more addictive. So if you are planning to quit, you should consult with someone and make sure that there is someone who keeps a check on you. Furthermore, you should decrease your use with time. If you are not doing so, it means that you are getting yourself a new addiction.

The harms that vapes can expose you to include;

  • They expose you to various toxic chemicals.
  • If you are using it for the first time and get addicted to it, it will be difficult for you to get rid of it. E-cigarettes make you more addicted to nicotine.
  • You are likely to switch back to regular cigarettes.

There is no such research or study that shows the effectiveness of e-cigarettes in quitting smoking. But if you have self-control, you can use it for your benefit.