What Is Raidcarry In Online Games With Active Dungeons

Most online projects have several options for leveling and powering up your hero and dungeons play a key role, being a difficult form of obtaining the best legendary and epic equipment and weapons.

If we break all the players into groups, then we get three clusters of gamers with different attitudes towards the game and raids in general:

1. Activists

Such players rush into farming and gold mining from the first minutes. They do not waste time on boring quests and other optional tasks. They enjoy the game from the rapid and systematic development and testing of all mechanics and PVP battles. Such players also go to raids for several reasons – this is also a way to quickly get better equipment, and it’s just interesting to get acquainted with new mechanics.

2. Slow

Such players enjoy the game slowly and unhurriedly, often not paying attention to the project every day, or doing it for several hours after the end of the working day. Such players, of course, will not approach serious raids soon after the start of the game world and most of the equipment will no longer be new, but the percentage of successful passage of dungeons will be much higher on the entire server, due to the experience gained by most players.

3. Donators

Are a type of players who combine the first and second points, but have ambitions and want to get everything and immediately invest a certain amount of money. Raids for such players play a secondary role and they would gladly skip this mechanic, but some of the high-quality equipment needs to be obtained on their own, because it cannot be transferred to another character, so they need to go through the dungeon themselves as part of a group, or order a raid carry service from professional services like Skycoach.

What is a raidcarry service?

Reidcarry is a service during which you are helped to go through a dungeon of any complexity, where all the rewards and experience go to you.

Who can benefit from such a service?

Not all players can or want to go through really difficult raids, because in order to successfully complete the assault, up to 15 people may be needed with a division of experience and loot for everyone if successful.

For example, mythic dungeons – such temporary zones are especially difficult, because they contain several bosses with different mechanics at once, which you need to monitor in order not to lose from huge damage throughout the group. In addition to the boss, there will be many more retinues that will attack violators, heal and strengthen the lord of the dungeon himself, or simply inflict great damage, preventing them from responding to changes in the situation in a timely manner.

The reward in such time zones is also worthy, but it will be divided among all and a large number of players is also not a guarantee of success – you can still lose by wasting a lot of time.

RaidCarry service from Skycoach gives you a guaranteed passage of the dungeon of any complexity.

How is the implementation of the raidcarry service from Skycoach on the example of World of Warcraft

If we take the World of Warcraft as the most obvious example of complex raids, then the passing service will look like this.

  1. You go to the Skycoach website, select the game and dungeon you need help with.
  2. Make a payment and wait for a response from the manager, which takes no more than 5 minutes during business hours.
  3. Coordinate the start time of the service and come to the specified place and at the agreed hour.
  4. You will be invited to a battle group, which is designed to complete the selected dungeon in a short time.
  5. The mechanic of death during the passage of the raid is often used – in WoW it is possible to lie dead during the farming of the raid and not be thrown out of the zone, so the battle group can use this method so that you do not play a factorial role in a difficult zone and have no chance lead the group to defeat.
  6. When the head of the dungeon is finished, you will get up after the resurrection, strike and the group will scatter so that you can get more experience and the full reward for the raid.

What are the advantages of the raid carry service

When you complete a difficult raid for the first time, you not only receive a guaranteed reward and experience, but also complete one of the difficult achievements that will bring passive pleasant characteristics, special mounts, or another unique reward that gives incentive to all players.

The main value of mythic and mythic raids is of course the best equipment and weapons that you can get in the game for your class.

And the most important plus is that you are part of a group that knows what and how to do to ensure a successful passage of the dungeon without the risk of failing from ignorance of the mechanic, or lack of appropriate equipment for good damage.

Possible disadvantages when ordering raidcarry services from third-party players

Source: outlookindia.com

If it is important for you to get a dungeon for the sake of experience, drops and open achievements, and you trust random players, or small groups, then you are risking your gold, money and just your wasted time.

Often, players who make money by helping other gamers complete raids use one strong and well-equipped character and many windows of other classes for support.

This format requires one or two players to have exceptional skills and stable internet, as any mistake will result in death and the loss of the raid.

And this format is often used because of greed – because you do not need to share your gold with anyone.

If we take professionals, they clearly indicate the prices for their services and each player works as part of a whole mechanism that quickly and efficiently performs the task.


The Raid Carry service is a great way to gain more experience and valuable equipment while completing difficult dungeons. All complex mechanics are observed and controlled by professional Skycoach players, you just have to follow the instructions of the group leader, strike a decisive blow and collect all the cream from the dungeon that other players spend hours on and share all the experience and drop for 10 or more people.