25 Best Cheap Slow Cookers Crockpot 2024 (Under $50)


Crock-Pot Cook and Carry 6 Quart Manual Portable Slow Cooker and Food Warmer, Stainless...

Cook N Carry Crock-Pot


Crock-Pot SCR300-SS 3-Quart Manual Slow Cooker, Silver (Renewed)

Crock-Pot SCR300-SS 3-Quart



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Instant Zest Rice Cooker

A crockpot, also known as a slow cooker used generically in Australia, South Africa, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

It is a countertop electrical cooking appliance used to simmer at a lower temperature than other cooking methods, quality crockpot does not have to be expensive and all you need is to find the crockpot which provides exactly what you need your slow cooker to have.

All the crockpots listed in this post do the cooking themselves and with less stirring and fuss.

What healthy eating means for you depends on how you cook your meal and what kind of cooker is used to preserve this in fact if you are trying to eat healthily, your slow cooker may be one of the most useful and underused tools you have.

If you can’t afford a live-in chef then a slow cooker might be the best next option, relatively low effort is needed in using a crockpot and there are amazing recipes you can make with it.

Are you thinking of replacing your crock-pot or getting one for the first time? Then it is vital to go for quality that won’t break your set budget.

A slow cooker gives you fuss-free healthy slow cooker recipes you will actually love to make and below we have a list of the best crockpot cookwares to buy on Amazon.

How to use a crock-pot the right way

Slow cookers are easy appliances but it has to be used the right way for maximum benefits, the type of crockpot you own will determine how it is going to be used but their simple basics you might need to apply for effective usage of a slow cooker.

Choose the right meat when using a slow cooker as this is because a slow cooker cooks slowly, the best types of meat to cook in a crockpot are tough and fatty cuts that require a lot of cooking time, that means meats like beef, pork shoulder, short ribs, spare ribs, and chuck.

Do not overcrowd the croc, each model has its own guidelines about how to full it so ensure these instructions are followed, overfilling it will only make it harder for the unit to reach its target temperature.

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully and you would find a slow cooker very easy to use.

25 Best Cheap Slow Cookers (Under $50)

How pricey a crockpot is depended solely on features like the setting and what you can cook with it however you can always get a quality slow cooker crockpot at a really cheap price. 

We have compiled some of the best cheap crockpots that are under $50 and most importantly these crockpots are user-friendly and you can easily use them for variety of dishes.


Cook N Carry Crock-Pot

Crock-Pot Cook and Carry 6 Quart Manual Portable Slow Cooker and Food Warmer, Stainless...

This is a spacious 7-quart manual slow cooker serves 8 or more people or fits a 6 lb roast; polished, silver stainless steel exterior with black accents and plastic handles.

This is easy to use and the instructions are easy to understand and follow, you can cook practically any other thing with this crockpot, this one-pot means fewer dishes to clean and you can keep food at ideal serving temperature for as long as you need to with the convenient warm setting.


Crock-Pot SCR300-SS 3-Quart

Crock-Pot SCR300-SS 3-Quart Manual Slow Cooker, Silver (Renewed)

This crockpot comes with a high/low cook setting and also a warm setting which makes it very convenient for any kinds of cooking, you can be sure to come home to a warm meal with this affordable crockpot, it is programmed with cooking times up to 20 hours, just as it is expected, has high and low settings, and a warm function, this convenient appliance does all the work while you’re out.

You can enjoy comforting soups and stews, flavorful stocks and broths, tender shreddable meats, and countless other recommended recipes with minimal effort.

Most interestingly it is dishwasher safe stoneware and lid makes cleanup even easier. It’s time to quit looking and start slow cooking today with this amazing crockpot.


Instant Zest Rice Cooker

No products found.

Looking for an easy to travel with a slow cooker that comes at a really affordable price? Instant zest rice cooker crockpot comes with an oval-shaped slow cooker travel bag which makes carrying your crockpot when traveling easy.

This slow cooker has 4 smart programs that make cooking your favorite rice and grains to fluffy perfection super fast and one-touch to make everything easy.

You can make any kind of grain with this crockpot and makes oatmeal preparation easy as well.


Little Dipper Chrome Slow Cooker

Crock-Pot 16-Ounce Little Dipper, Chrome

Little dipper chrome slow cooker has been programmed to deliver really amazing dishes you can’t make easily on a stove pot, it is a removable oval stoneware that is also stylish for your table, it is easy to operate and you can be sure it has the capacity to prepare a meal for 7 or more people and also accommodate a 7-pound meat.

It has a Programmable digital control that lets you program cook times anywhere from 30-minute up to 20-hour.


Programmable Oval Slow Cooker With Dipper

Crock-Pot B002IEOGYC SCV702 7-Quart Manual Slow Cooker with Travel Bag, Red (Renewed)

Another cheap crockpot that does practically everything a crockpot should is this oval slow cooker with a dipper, it is a spacious 7-quart manual slow cooker that can serve 8 or more people, it is also considered to be easy to use a crockpot and this one-pot means less dish to wash.

This crockpot comes with a travel bag which makes it easy to take with you safely and securely.

You do not have to break the bank to get this programmable oval slow cooker, it is quite affordable and definitely worth its price as it can cook practically all kinds of dishes.

Your slow cooker lets you prepare delicious meals in just one pot which means you will spend less time over the sink and more time doing the things that matter to you.


Mini Casserole Crockpot

Crock-Pot Small 2.5 Quart Casserole Slow Cooker in White/Blue, Enjoy Eye-Catching Quick Meals,...

The Mini Casserole Crock slow cooker will free up additional cooking space in your kitchen when entertaining, which can be particularly helpful during the holidays when space is limited.

It comes with a conventional oven for the turkey and potatoes, while the Casserole Crock slow cooker takes care of the sweet potato casserole or other favorite dishes.

This is one affordable crocker pot that would always provide you with a warm meal when you come in after a long day.


4.5 Quart Crockpot

Crock-Pot 4.5 Quart Round Portable Slow Cooker and Food Warmer, Black & White Pattern (SCR450-HX)

A crockpot is definitely evolving every day and a 4.5-quart crockpot is one of the amazing evolvement to give you a nice warm meal at the end of a long day, it can serve 4 to 5 people which makes it viable if you live on college or dorm, has the usual high/low setting and really convenient to use.

The method of heating with this crockpot is easy to use and the settings are also very convenient.

This crockpot comes in a stylish hexagon pattern, it provides you the flexibility to prepare a meal early and then have it cook all day.

You can even carry out your full day’s activities and still enjoy a nutritious, home-cooked meal in the evening.


Round Manual Slow Cooker

Crock-Pot Small 2 Quart Round Manual Slow Cooker, Black (SCR200-B)

The round manual cooker is just the healthy affordable crockpot you need in your kitchen, this slow cooker features a removable, dishwasher-safe stoneware insert, and dishwasher with a safety glass lid.

This crockpot prepares you with a warm meal in the morning and you can still find it warm after a long day.

The removable stoneware doubles as a serving dish so your family and friends can easily serve themselves. Cleanup is also a breeze when it comes to this fantastic crockpot.


New Orleans Saint Crockpot

Crockpot SCCPNFL600-NO Crock-Pot New Orleans Saints Cook & Carry Slow Cooker, Old Gold

New Orleans saint crockpot is another wonderful slow cooker, convenient warm setting, travel-friendly locking lid, this crockpot is really lovable and very easy to use, you can make a variety of dishes, you can easily transfer this crockpot easily to the table or refrigerator. Crockpot new Orleans saints cook and carry a slow cooker is fantastic and convenient to use.

New Orleans saint crockpot can make a really great gift to a friend or family, you can enjoy this crockpot on any setting and both the stoneware and glass lid are dishwasher safe which makes clean up safe and easy. This is can fit into any space in your kitchen and you can also move it easily from the table to the refrigerator.


Express Easy Multi Crockpot

Crockpot SCCPNFL600-NO Crock-Pot New Orleans Saints Cook & Carry Slow Cooker, Old Gold

Time to take your cooking to the next level with this easy to operate express easy multi crockpot, the instructions are easy to adhere to and very convenient with an affordable price to boot.

You also get to enjoy convenient features like delay timer and the status bar that illuminates to track pressurization and preheat progress before cooking begins.

Easily prepare any recipe on the menu using one versatile appliance.


Hamilton Beach Slow Cooker

Hamilton Beach 3-Quart Slow Cooker With Dishwasher-Safe Crock & Lid, Matte Black (33231)

Hamilton Beach slow cooker is a wonderful crockpot brand you can find affordable and easy to use, simple to clean with a 3 temperature setting, you can cook on high or low setting and then switch to warm when your meal is done cooking.

It is designed in a sleek black matte finish that puts a modern spin on the classic kitchen tool.

The oval-shaped crock is the perfect size for cooking a 3-pound chicken or 2-pound roast.


Thermoshield 6 Quart Slow Cooker

Crockpot Thermoshield Easy Carry Handles |6 Quart Manual Slow Cooker, Black

Thermoshield 6 quart slow cooker has an insulated side that allows for better heat retention while reducing the outside temperature by up to 50% and when compared to previous models, this tends to stand out in price and quality.

You can make any kind of meal with this Thermoshield cooker. This is designed with a secure fit locking lid and also the temperature control panel lets you program cooking time from 30 minutes to 20 hours.

The is designed to give you comfortable meals and you can also enjoy warm meals after a long day at work, very convenient to carry anywhere.

This crockpot is not just for perfect rice but you can make amazing meals with it provided you have the best recipe to make this work.


8 Quart Manual Oval Slow Cooker

Crock-pot SCV800-B Oval Manual Slow Cooker,8 quart

The list of cheap crockpot won’t be complete without mentioning this awesome easy to use an 8-quart manual oval slow cooker, it is designed to provide you with healthy comfort foods.

It offers you convenient meals and comes with a polished, brushed stainless steel exterior with black accents and plastic handles to make it easy to carry around


Maxi Matic Programmable Crockpot

Elite Gourmet MST-900D Digital Programmable Slow Cooker, Oval Adjustable Temp, Entrees, Sauces,...

Maxi Matic programmable crockpot has an oval slow cooker with timer makes cooking a fork-tender roast a breeze, you did have lots of fun and less hassle making a meal with this crockpot.

This is programmable up to 20 hours, with versatile low/high/keep warm settings, gives you ultimate control of meal preparation.

You can simply set it and forget it while you entertain guests or prepare other dishes.

This slow cooker gives you every variety of dishes you want with ease and less fuss.


Stainless Mini Crockpot

TRU Tru Stainless Steel Mini Crock .65-qt.

A crockpot should not just be cheap but also very easy to use, this stainless mini crockpot offers you just that, you can now cook with ease or attend to other things while you cook, it features stainless steel housing, plastic lid and removable stoneware inserted for easy cleaning.

If you want a crockpot you can carry around easily and fit into your kitchen space with ease then you should go for a stainless mini crockpot.


White Round Manual Slow Cooker

Crock Pot 1 to 1/2 Quart Round Manual Slow Cooker, White (SCR151 WG)

This beautiful white round manual slow cooker offers you all the best dishes you can think of making with a crockpot with ease, it is quite easy to clean, it comes with one adjustable setting though hence if you plan to use it for large quantity meal, this might not be the best crockpot however if you live in a college or dorm then this is the best crockpot to but.

The wattage of this slow cooker uses 80 watts, easy to use and has been programmed to be easy to use and the instructions are very easy to follow.



Brushed Stainless Crockpot

Crock-Pot Smart-Pot 6 Quart Programmable Slow Cooker with Timer, Food Warmer, Brushed Stainless...

Another easy to use a crockpot for a family meal is brushed stainless crockpot, it is convenient and easy to use programmable pre-set digital controls.

It lets you cook around your schedule or put it on while you attend to other things.

After cooking time is complete, the slow cooker automatically shifts to the warm setting to keep your food at ideal serving temperature. 


Elite Gourmet Slow Cooker

Elite Gourmet MST-250XS Electric Slow Cooker Ceramic Pot, Adjustable Temp, Entrees, Sauces, Stews &...

An elite gourmet slow cooker is an amazing crockpot to have, very convenient and with cool-touch handles and knobs which is powered at 120 watts, you would find this easy to operate if you are not so familiar with a crockpot and the manufacture instructions are straight forward enough to adhere to.

This has a dishwasher safe glass lid and stoneware pot.

This crockpot should not be allowed to stay too long in water to prevent damages but you can always clean the pan and make varieties of dishes ranging from entrees, soups, sauces, and even desserts.

This is easy to use and one of the highly reviewed crockpots, you can happily use it for years.


Star Wars 2 Quart Slow Cooker

STAR WARS LSW-200CN 2-Quart Slow Cooker,Black

If you are a fan of the star wars then we have found an affordable crockpot designed with the star wars theme and found to be really convenient and cheap, has a 2-quart capacity which is just perfect for dips, queso, and appetizers have removable round stoneware insert, variable cook settings, and a tempered glass lid which means you need to be very careful when moving it around.

This slow cooker comes with a unique temperature setting and you can easily have your meal cooking while you attend to different tasks.

This cooker is believed to make cooking healthy meals more fun and easy, this slow cooker is compact with a removable stoneware insert which makes cleaning easy.


Portable 5 Quart Slow Cooker

Hamilton Beach Portable 5-Quart Slow Cooker With Lid Latch Strap for Easy Transport, Dishwasher-Safe...

A 5-quart slow cooker is just suiting for friends who are coming over for dinner, it is easy to use just like each of the previously mentioned crockpot, this is another hamilton product you are going to love, it reduces messy spills with its awesome lid latch strap.

This is quite portable too and ideal for minimizing stress, you can easily have any meal cooking with no stirring needed.

Hamilton portable quart 5 slow cooker is a design that ensures wraparound even heat for beautifully blended flavors and tender meat.


Crock-Pot Texas Longhorns Collegiate

Crock-Pot Texas Longhorns Collegiate Cook & Carry Slow Cooker with Bonus 16-ounce Little Dipper Food...

Crock-pot texas longhorns collegiate is a slow cooker with bonus 16-ounce little dipper food warmer, it’s also very convenient and with 6-quart capacity and ability to serve 7 or more people.

This is the perfect cooker if you travel a lot, it comes with an easy to carry handle, operating it is also easy.

This portable slow cooker eliminates hassle and mess when transporting food from home, it also has a secure-fitting lid and locking system which creates a tight seal between the stoneware and lid to ensure contents don’t leak or spill.


Uncanny Brands Slow Cooker

Uncanny Brands Marvel Kawaii 7qt Slow Cooker- Cook With Earth's Mightiest Heroes

Uncanny brands slow cooker is a simple crockpot for everyone who wants to use this slow cooker for all kinds of meal, it has a perfect size and comes with an avengers theme to impress your kids and make cooking even more fun, it has a removable stoneware, makes a great gift and cooks any size of family meal.

The removable stoneware makes cooking and cleaning very easy and controllable.


Brent Wood 7 Quart Cooker

Brentwood Select Slow Cooker, 7 Quart, Copper

Brent wood cooker is a 7-quart slow cooker that not only makes cooking fun but comes with a 3 heat setting high, low and warm which makes it even more convenient to use.

This crockpot is one of the easiest electrical cooking appliances used to simmer at a lower temperature which makes any kind of dish possible with this crockpot.

This crockpot is great if you want to travel or make a family dish of 7 or more people.


Crockpot Dallas Cowboys

Crock-Pot Dallas Cowboys NFL 6-Quart Cook & Carry Slow Cooker

Crockpot Dallas cowboys is a beautiful appliance but that’s not just the benefit, it comes with a great 3 setting to make cooking easy while you concentrate on other things.

This portable crock-pot is an easy cook and carry with a simple manual. This slow cooker is made for tailgates and get-togethers anywhere the game is going on.

It has high, low, and warm settings which makes it easy to cook and serve a wide range of winning dishes.

It has convenient features and also includes a locking lid to prevent spills during transport, and a removable 6-quart oval stoneware and glass lid that clean easily in the dishwasher.


Crockpot Manual Slow Cooker

Crock-Pot Small 3.5 Quart Manual Casserole Slow Cooker and Food Warmer, Navy Blue (SCCPCCM350-BL)

You can make mealtimes more perfect with this navy blue crockpot with an incredible manual setting which gives the exact temperature of the food you want.

The unit’s portable design includes an onboard cord wrap for a tidy journey and whether it’s a casual potluck or an elegant buffet, the casserole crock slow cooker makes transporting meals a snap.

You can enjoy delicacies wherever you are and most importantly it also comes with an oven for added versatility. 

Buying Guide

Every crockpot has it’s benefits and the features are usually very different hence you can decide what your crockpot would be used for before purchasing.

This would ensure you get exactly what you need, the mentioned crockpot above are all convenient to use but with different programmable features.

What’s the difference between a slow cooker and a crockpot?

A crockpot is a type of slow cooker however not every slow cooker counts as a crockpot, a crockpot has a stoneware pot which is surrounded by a heating element whereas a slow cooker is typically a metal pot that sits on top of a heated surface.

There are plenty of similarities of course but there are also distinct differences that you might be interested to know.

  • You can cook just about anything on a crockpot but a slow cooker requires lesser heat and might take more tie to soften a slice of meat
  • Occasional stirring is often indicated on the recipe for slow cooker meals in order to prevent this occurrence, which means lifting the lid, which means adding about 20 minutes to the cooking time each time you stir but this might not be required when using a crockpot
  • A slow cooker lacks the heat going up the sides of the pots to surround it with even heating temperature but with a crockpot, your food might heat slowly with the heat level higher at the bottom of the pot.
  • Having a built-in timer with your slow cooker helps food from overcooking and turning to mush
  • Slow cookers come with a high and low-temperature setting and some of these slow cookers have warning settings that help keep food warm at a lower temperature.
  • A sear function to make browning meats or sautéeing onions or vegetables easier, but this function usually also comes with a higher price tag.

Are crock-pot recipes healthy?

Healthy eating always looks different for everyone however nutrition is one place to starts but what healthy eating means for you depends on factors like any dietary restrictions or health conditions but you can be assured crockpots get rids of bacteria while cooking your meal, this makes it quite healthy.

Your interest in weight loss and healthy foods would also determine what kind of recipe you make with a croc-pot and how healthy it turns out to be.

How do I know my crockpot is working?

You can test how durably and well your crockpot works with simple tests, after buying your crockpot, before using fill your crockpot with ¾ with tap water the water can be tepid, not too hot or cold,  set it to the low setting, and then check with a food thermometer after eight hours.

The thermometer should read at least 185°F and if not you should check the manual for the required thermometer.

You can be sure your crockpot is working perfectly according to it’s functions, you can also check the temperature of your settings of the water quickly as the temperature can drop dramatically when the lid is removed. It should be above 165 degrees.

What should I look for in a slow cooker?

Slow cookers are a lifesaver in the kitchen and getting quality plus affordable might sound fairly easy but when it comes to functions, there are various things you should look out for.

If you’ve decided it’s time you joined the slow-cooker movement and buy your first one, or your old slow cooker needs to be replaced, here are some things to think about when shopping for one.

  • You should look out for its method of heating, most slow cookers have a base that snugly encloses a removable insert and sometimes the heating is just at the bottom.
  • Standard slow cooker comes in round and oval shape hence you should think of what you are going to cook and let that dictate the shape you choose but if you are going to make most of beans and stew then shape doesn’t really matter.
  • Size is important to put into consideration when getting a crockpot, you can get a tiny slow cooker that is only useful for keeping dips warm or you can get a large capacity one if you have a small household.
  • When using a slow cooker you have to be mindful of the lid since that lets out precious heat and extends cooking time.
  • Ceramic and porcelain are the popular options when it comes to buying the best crockpot however, there are metal crocks, too and they are really good as well, they all do a good job of conducting heat, so it’s really up to your preferences. What’s important with the crock, however, is that it’s removable for easy cleaning.

In Conclusion

You do not have to think so much on how to make a slow cooker last, every slow cooker comes with a manufacturer instruction you can strictly adhere to, the basics of keeping a crockpot are easy and some guidelines have been listed above to make buying a crockpot easy.

Slow cookers come at various prices and functions but finding the right one depends on what you plan to use it for.