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ROYAL CRAFT WOOD Extra Large Cutting Boards for Kitchen Meal Prep & Serving-Bamboo Wood Cutting...

Organic Bamboo Cutting Board


Cutting Board for Kitchen Dishwasher Safe, Toptier, Wood, Fiber , Eco-Friendly, Non-Slip, Juice...

TOPTIER Wood Fiber Cutting Board



Seville Classics Bamboo Premium Wood Cutting Board Serving Tray w/ 7 Color-Coded BPA-Free Mats, for...

Seville Classic Bamboo Cutting Board

Is a cutting board that important? Yes, and it does not matter if you are a chef or not but you would need a cutting board to make the job of chopping easier and also you would want to be a good one when you practice your chopping, dicing and slicing.

When you have that flashy sharp knife, all you need to complete it is a nice chopping board. Chopping board can come in quite handy when you need to make a quick ingredient that requires chopping and it ensures you make an efficient job of it without making a mess on your kitchen counter.

There are thousands of cutting boards and it’s becoming quite a trend in 2024, there are wood cutting chopping board and as well as the ones made from plastic, glass and every material in between, there are also small and large ones but your preferred chopping board should be bought depending on what you plan to have chopped with it and the number of ingredients you can chop at once.

If you love a neat way of chopping and you would want to keep your knife in good shape then you would need a good chopping board however with thousands of chopping board in the market, getting a good one can be a bit challenging and while the wood cutting board might be the best, there are also other materials worth considering hence we have gathered some of the best inexpensive cutting boards of 2024.

What To Look For When Buying Cutting Boards

Many people believe all you need to consider when choosing a cutting board is what ingredients you plan to chop on it, this might apply in some instances but not all.

What do I look for before buying a cutting board? 

You may even want by selecting two cutting boards for usage and thereafter decide what you want your cutting boards to do for you.

Some of these factors are listed below.

  • Choose the right kind of material which means you might want to avoid glass, glass cutting boards are pretty popular as they look nice in your kitchen but they are also known to dull brand new kitchen knives in as little as 10 strokes and if you happen to have a glass cutting board, use it as a serving platter or cheese tray instead.
  • Use the different boards for different foods as this would enable you to keep raw protein away from fruits and vegetables and maintain a sanitary work environment.
  • Bamboo is a more sustainable board to use in your kitchen, they are very similar to wood board and also an environmentally friendly choice, are lighter in weight that woods and don’t need to be oiled as often as woods.
  • Wood is also a renewable source although not as renewable as bamboo.
  • Consider the maintenance level required before choosing a cutting board, the wood cutting board is the best for beauty, durability, and protection of your knives however wood and bamboo might be a bit difficult to wash and needs to be oiled often. Plastic may be the better option if you have no time to regularly maintain your cutting board.

20 Best Cutting Boards of 2024 On Sale At Amazon Reviewed

You are inclined to have more than one cutting board, this will allow you to make different choices as you would like to separate the fresh food from raw ones, you need at least two cutting boards, one for meat, fish and poultry and the other for everything else.

There are so many cutting boards in the market today, all you need is the one which suits your preference.


Organic Bamboo Cutting Board

ROYAL CRAFT WOOD Extra Large Cutting Boards for Kitchen Meal Prep & Serving-Bamboo Wood Cutting...

An organic bamboo cutting board is an extra-large kitchen chopping board to have in every kitchen, it is best for chopping meat, cheese and vegetable.

This bamboo cutting board won’t cause excessive wear and tear to cutlery, very easy to use and has a built-in drip groove that holds juice from meat, fruits, and vegetables.

You can make this amazing cutting board for cutting meat or other foods in your kitchen, cleaning is fairly easy as long as it is not left for too long.

Keep your kitchen classy and clean with this organic cutting board, this cutting board is designed with a special handle to make cutting even more simple and the surface is just fantastic for cutting and won’t make your knife blunt either, some of the features of this extra-large organic bamboo cutting board includes, it is easy on the blades, it resists staining and bacteria growth, keeps you from constant knife sharpening and has durable and thick edge grain cutting board that is guaranteed to exceed your expectations.


TOPTIER Wood Fiber Cutting Board

Cutting Board for Kitchen Dishwasher Safe, Toptier, Wood, Fiber , Eco-Friendly, Non-Slip, Juice...

The Topier wood fiber is a pretty classic cutting board you might find very essential in your kitchen, it’s very convenient to use with no fear of sharpening your blade constantly, this wood cutting board is eco-friendly and very durable and easy to use.

Topier wood cutting board is better for your knives and cutlery than glass, acacia, teak, marble, and plastic.

You can use this particular cutting board for chopping any food and your meat and chicken can be used with it as well provided you find a way to keep it clean or separate from ready-made foods.


Seville Classic Bamboo Cutting Board

Seville Classics Bamboo Premium Wood Cutting Board Serving Tray w/ 7 Color-Coded BPA-Free Mats, for...

Seville classic bamboo cutting board is not just attractive and fitting for every kitchen but serves it’s purpose very well, comes with flexible cutting mats that are BPA free, designed to fit snugly into the top surface of the cutting board, you can use them separately and store them inside the cutting board when not in use, this is fairly easy to clean, it has non-slip silicone feet that prevent the cutting board from slipping and sliding on your kitchen countertop or food prep surface.

Seville classic fiber cutting board can be used to serve bread, crackers, cheese, and cocktails.


Thick Acacia Cutting Board

Sonder Los Angeles, Thick Sustainable Acacia Wood Cutting Board for Kitchen with Juice Groove,...

This is a suitable multipurpose cutting board for your home, it is designed to be the only board you would need in your kitchen, has a separate juice groove side for prepping and chopping and you can easily use the recessed channel side for serving and entertaining with perfectly sized channels to hold your crackers, sliced baguettes, bread and more.

Acacia cutting board is quite incredible for fresh organic vegetable platters or use as a charcuterie board for cheese and meats to serve with wine.


Homwe Kitchen Cutting Board

HOMWE Cutting Boards for Kitchen BPA Free- Chopping Board 3-Pack w/Different Sizes and Non Slip...

Homwe kitchen cutting board has been created specifically to give you the best shopping experience un the kitchen, comes with 3 piece set that is quite versatile and you can easily chop your vegetables and prepare for dinner or prepare chicken for your meal prep plan without leaving any deep cuts in your counter. This is quite a durable cutting board and easy to wash as well.

This kitchen cutting board should be handled with ease and care as it is likely to scratch easily when using a sharp knife however if this is avoided you can enjoy using this cutting board in your kitchen, it also has smart grip design with non-slip handle and feet around the handles, in addition, they provide a clean food prep surface for every meal.


Index Cutting Board

No products found.

Index cutting might be just the cutting board you are looking for if you like it simple and with an easy-grip handle and whether you plan to cut veggies or meat, this is just perfect as it comes in sets.

Index cutting board can seriously up your home-cooking game, you can have your veggies, herbs or steaks neatly diced.

This is pretty affordable and we can say it’s quality has not been limited due to the price, this cutting board is perfect for anyone who cooks or prepares food.

These cutting board can be used directly as used as your breakfast or dinner plate, ideal for all occasions, it comes with different colors which makes it easy to keep track of which cutting boards are reserved for which types of foods so that you’re less likely to cut lettuce on the same board you just use it for prepping raw poultry.


Gripmax Premium Kitchen Cutting Board

Toe separators Bunion Corrector for Women 2 Clear Big 2 Toe Spacers for Overlapping Toes Bunions...

Another cutting board we find to be highly reviewed this 2024 is Gripmax premium cutting board, this board does not require much space in your kitchen hence if you have limited space in your kitchen then you should definitely go for this, has a thick convenient handle that makes it easy to move between your prep counter, stove, and sink.

Gripmax premium cutting board can be thrown into the dishwasher as often as you can, they are non-porous, won’t splinter, crack or peel which makes it the perfect set for a chef or anyone who loves to cook.


Bellemain Extra Thick Cutting Board

Bellemain Extra Thick 16' x 12' x 1.5' Acacia Wood Cutting/Serving Board with Deep Juice Channel

You might love this Bellemain cutting board for its thickness and durability, we find it necessary if you love cooking and taking time to cut your meat or chicken.

It is a serving board with deep juice channel, this board has been designed to bring out the elegance in your kitchen at all times and the surface has been made that it can be cleaned easily without absorbing colors or smells. 

Regular seasoning will only make the board smoother, darker and more beautiful over time.


Ironwood Rooster Cutting Board

Ironwood Rooster Cutting Board, One Size, Acacia Wood

Ironwood rooster cutting board feels and looks luxurious without the hefty price tag, this is definitely worth being in your kitchen this 2024.

It is easy to use and it is easy to clean and maintain provided it’s not used for meats or chicken, has a rooster design to add some fun when chopping and features a grommet for hanging on display when not in use.

This cutting board offers you convenience, durable to use as a cutting board or trivet.

This cutting board is quite affordable and if you love a fancy cutting board that is easy to use for cutting meat, durable and not too pricey then we suggest this as the perfect go-to.

This board is made from gorgeous acacia wood which is known for it’s unique and natural contrasting pattern.


OXO Good Grip Board Set

OXO Good Grips 2-Piece Plastic Cutting Board Set (Pack of 1),Clear

Another durable cutting board set you can go for is OXO good grip cutting board, this is not too pricey as well and has an amazing quality that makes it easy to use, this has a liquid drip catcher which helps minimize messes and pours from each side.

These cutting board has softly tapered edges for easy lifting, storage is easy as it is not an extra-large cutting board.

Oxo good grip board set has amazing reviews and can easily fit into your kitchen, you can use for chopping, slicing, and dicing but to be cleaned with care and sharp knives might easily cause a scratch, double-sided though to help prevent cross-contamination and also odor resistant, non-porous construction and durable. 

This prep board is ideal for paring fruits, trimming vegetables and other smaller tasks.

Oxo cutting board is one of the most recommended chopping boards on this list, its quality and can handle almost anything.


Utopia Kitchen Cutting Board

Utopia Kitchen 3 Piece Bamboo Cutting Boards Set (Natural)

You can make chopping more fun and easy with utopia cutting board, it’s of the cutting board we found to be worth having in your kitchen and this would break the bank either and be made with bamboo makes it even more lovable and durable.

This cutting board is a standard cutting board made with ultra-thick bamboo to resist cracking or breaking, it has been designed with Eco-friendly, bacteria-resistant, and a highly compressed Bamboo wood.

All you need to maintain the quality of these cutting boards is to ensure it is properly oiled as this would create a natural seal, keep it oiled with walnut or coconut oil, they are most preferred and would keep your cutting board in its original shape at all times.


Farberwares Poly Cutting Board

Farberware Extra-Large Plastic Cutting Board, Dishwasher- Safe Poly Chopping Board for Kitchen Meal...

This cutting board is made of BPA free, polypropylene plastic. The poly material is non-absorbent, non-porous and will not harbor odors, stains, or harmful bacteria.

This farberwares poly cutting board is quite gentle on knives, keeping their blades from getting dull quickly, it is ideal for cutting, chopping, slicing, and dicing.

You are going to really love this cutting board and it does not matter if you are a chef or just love cooking.

Faberwares poly cutting board is dishwater safe for easy cleanup and trouble-free maintenance, you can use it for chopping any kinds of food, this cutting board is reversible for double the cutting surface and it features a handhold for added control and stability.


Greener Chef Cutting Board

GREENER CHEF 18 Inch Extra Large Bamboo Cutting Board with Lifetime Replacements - Wood XL Cutting...

An organic extra bamboo cutting board you might want to consider for your spacious kitchen and large cooking is greener chef cutting board, it is approved to give you peace of mind when it comes to cleaning and durability, this cutting board is also known to have natural anti-microbial properties, this cutting board falls perfectly on a quality budget for a bamboo cutting board.

Greener chef cutting board can easily be scrubbed and rinsed, it is portable and very durable and designed to last long in your home, you can rest easy with this amazing chopping board and it keeps you from sharpening your knife constantly.


JAMIE OLIVER Acacia Wood Cutting Board

JAMIE OLIVER Acacia Wood Cutting Board - Small

If you are a chef or loves cooking and wouldn’t mind having a handy cutting board in your home then we recommend you go for Jamie Oliver acacia wood, pretty simple and durable and designed for comfort too as the handle is easy to move between the prep counter and the stove and it does have reversible design which makes it easy to make use of either side for cutting and also designed with a convenient 3.5-inch handle, it allows for easy, single-handed transportation.

This cutting board comes with a shape that makes it easy to store and have to hand on your worktop while the acacia wood provides you with a super durable surface, you can use this cutting board for dicing, slicing, bashing, cutting or for preparing foods, or as a table centerpiece for serving warm bread or cured meats.


Lily’s Home Kitchen Cutting Board

Lily's Home Kitchen Cutting Board (2-Piece Set) with Handles and in Marble Finish | BPA-Free...

Lily’s home kitchen cutting board can give you 100% of convenience and has a resilient surface that makes dicing and slicing easy, it comes with a two-piece set, with different color and you can always use one color for meat and one color for fruits and vegetable, it has a strong cutting surface but gentle on cutlery and knives.

You are going to love this cutting board if you like cutting and dicing with no mess or spills.

This cutting board is quite inexpensive and you do not have to break the bank to get it and the maintenance is hassle-free, it is beautifully designed to make a statement in your kitchen, it is also a way to add more color to your home.

It has been crafted from strong plastic. This is BPA-free cutting boards that provide a hypoallergenic food prep surface for every meal.


Chef Grids Marble Cutting Board

CHEF GRIDS Durable Plastic Cutting Board Set, Chopping Board Thick Plastic, for Vegetable Meat or...

Chef grids marble cutting board makes chopping, dicing and slicing very easy, it is designed to cater to your kitchen needs for a very long time and it has been designed for perfection with handle for easy storage and proper holding and It has a juice groove that collects excess liquids for clean and safe surrounding.

You can definitely have all the fun that comes with, bashing, chopping, slicing and dicing on this cutting board.

This is a two pcs cutting board and you can easily use one for meat and one for fruits or vegetables, you can be sure as it is plastic, it will never break and cleaning would definitely be easy however it is best you watch out for scratches from sharp knives which would eventually happen after years of use.

Unlike some, not all glass vegetable cutting board, this one holds well.



KARRYOUNG Acacia Wood Cutting Board with Juice Drip Groove,Set of 3

There is another acacia wood cutting board you might find durable and easy to use, these cutting board is made with acacia wood and comes in 3 sets making it easy to have different boards for meat, vegetables, fruits, and cheese.

Just like every other acacia wood cutting board, all you need to keep it maintained is oil and it is recommended not to soak them or use the dishwater but you can easily have it cleaned with soap and water.

These cutting board has been designed to withstand weighted objects such as thanksgiving chicken, it is durable and if you are looking for a long term cutting board then you should go for this and most interestingly it is not too pricey.

You can now chop your vegetables without worrying about making a mess as it features a deep juice groove to catch any juice or oil runoff while carving meats, chopping vegetables, slicing fruits or dicing herbs.


Round Bamboo Cutting Board

RoyalHouse Natural Bamboo Round Cutting Board for Kitchen, Chopping Boards for Meat & Vegetables,...

A round cutting board is becoming quite trendy this 2024 and we also find this particular cutting board to be highly reviewed, it is made with bamboo to give you a smooth surface to chop your vegetables on, it is advised not to have this soaked in water but rather to be cleaned immediately after use.

It has an attractive design to match the decor of your kitchen and makes chopping, slicing or even bashing very easy, maintaining it also comes fairly easy but avoids the constant use of a sharp knife to avoid scratches.

This versatile cutting board is great for minor food preparations like cutting cheese, cutting vegetables or slicing fruits.

This material can last a long while provided it’s well maintained and oiled properly to retain its beauty.


K BASIX Bamboo Cutting Board

K BASIX Wood Bamboo Cutting Board with Juice Groove 3 Pcs, Organic Wood Cutting Board for Kitchen,...

K Basix bamboo cutting board is another easy to maintain and use cutting board, it comes in 3 piece set and not the same set, this cutting board has been designed with high quality, top-grade, eco-friendly bamboo tree.

It is ideal for chopping, slicing, dicing, cutting and serving food.

You can also use them on the kitchen counter while cooking and you can also use the bigger board over the sink while you are peeling vegetables or fruits.

This cutting board should be cleaned with mild soap and water, dry thoroughly afterward. Do not soak in water to extend the life of the boards.


Commercial Plastic Carving Board

Thirteen Chefs Plastic Cutting Board with Juice Groove - Small Cutting Board for Meat, Grilling,...

A plastic cutting board is a great option if you want an easy to wash the cutting board and we recommend a commercial plastic carving board as this would make it easy to slice, dice and cut without making a mess of your food.

This plastic cutting board traps juice and prevents messy counter, has solid high-density and you can be sure the resistance is also secure. The surface is lightly textured to provide a slight grip to help prevent slipping and to assist with prepping.

This is the best cutting board if you want something simple and fitting for your kitchen but you might want to go for a stronger plastic cutting board or wood if you are going to use it for meat bashing or use a sharper knife that can cause scratches on it.

20 Best Cheap Cutting Board on Sale Right Now Buying Guide

What is the most important consideration when using a cutting board?

The most important consideration when using a chopping board for various types of foods is to avoid cross-contamination, cross-contamination occurs when ready-to-eat food is placed on a surface that held raw meat, poultry, seafood, or egg and this can easily spread illness-causing bacteria to your ready-to-eat foods.

This is one of the reasons what cutting you use and what you use it should be put into consideration before buying a cutting board.

You should be careful when choosing a cutting board and also ensure whatever cutting board you choose, be it solid wood, plastic, acrylic, glass or marble.

Is it okay to cut meat on a wood cutting board?

You don’t want to cut meat on a wood cutting board because the bacteria would sink into the wood grain and become hard to scrub out.

However a plastic board that is easy to wash is much better for cutting meat on however you can use wood or a non-porous surface for cutting raw meat or poultry provided you keep it properly disinfected every time that is done before using for cooked food, this will prevent bacteria from your cutting board from contaminating a food that requires no further cooking.

How do you clean a wooden cutting board after raw meat?

It is not just your hands that need washing before or after cutting meat on a cutting board.

You can easily have any material of cutting boar washed after prepping meat on it but more care is needed when it’s aw wooden board as it easily soaks in the particles and this can lead to bacteria.

After prepping meat on your cutting board, it is essential you keep it clean after and there are simple ways this can be done;

  • Disinfect your cutting board with a fresh solution of 1 tablespoon of unscented, liquid chlorine bleach per gallon of water. Flood the surface with the bleach solution and allow it to stand for several minutes. Rinse with water and air dry or pat dry with clean paper towels.
  • After cutting raw meat, poultry or seafood on your cutting board, clean thoroughly with hot soapy water then disinfect with chlorine bleach or other sanitizing solution and rinse with clean water.
  • You can also rinse with clean water and air dry with clean paper woods.
  • All cutting boards eventually wear out hence you should not hesitate to replace your wooden cutting board when it becomes excessively worn or has hard to clean grooves as bacteria can easily hide in these grooves that even careful washing can not get rid of.

In Conclusion

Frankly, the best cutting board material is one that can be easily cleaned and doesn’t damage or dull knives.

There are Common options for cutting board material that you can easily choose from, some of which are wood, plastic, rubber, and bamboo.

What type of cutting board you go for should be based on maintenance.

Woodcutting boards are superior for their hard-wearing and self-healing properties, and their ability to preserve a knife-edge.

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