Make a Statement With Handmade Jewelry: Tips for Bold and Creative Fashion Choices

Handmade jewelry has recently become more and more popular, as people are learning to recognize and appreciate its value. The energy and love of designers are visible in the works of art they create. What most people don’t think about yet is that unlike buying mass-produced jewelry, buying handmade jewelry is an investment worth making. There are many reasons why buying handmade jewelry is better and more socially acceptable than mass-produced jewelry, and before we continue with offering some tips on how to choose bold and creative one, here are a couple of reasons why you should buy handmade in the first place.

  1. By its very definition, handmade jewelry means that every element and jewelry as a whole is made by hand. Casting, cutting, carving, polishing, interweaving, literally everything is done by the hand of the artist who creates the jewelry. That is why even though the produced quantities are not large, the number of produced pieces is limited by the physical capabilities of the designer, and each piece is unique, just like handmade bead bracelets Treppie.
  2. Sometimes hours and hours of work are spent on designing and trial runs, and if each piece is also tested by wear, it can take months from idea to commercial production.
  3. The artist himself has a special relationship with the designs and jewelry he creates. The process of designing, making test models, and testing gives value to every piece made. No two pieces are made the same, regardless of the fact that they are nominally the same model.
  4. Materials are just as important as design and production in handmade jewelry. The designer does not make compromises in the selection of materials, first of all for himself, and then for his customers. There is no room for cheating and cheap substitutes because the designer is personally responsible for his product. Apart from the attractiveness of the design, it is the quality of the built-in elements that make such jewelry a worthwhile investment.
  5. Sustainability and ethics. Manufacturers of handmade jewelry are mostly committed to sustainable development and ethical business. Being ethical generally means using more expensive materials from proven sources so that everyone in the production chain benefits. Handmade jewelry is made in an ethical way of doing business, and sustainability also depends on customers who recognize handmade jewelry.
  6. In addition to sustainability and ethics, a characteristic of designer jewelry is the quality of materials and processes, which can be more easily controlled in artisanal production. Manufacturers and artists are extremely proud of their products and will not allow lower quality in front of their brand name.

Striking, bold handmade jewelry has been considered the ideal detail of everyone’s styling for several seasons‚Ķ

Trends in which sports and high fashion styles are combined are getting stronger, along with the wearing of statement jewelry. However, in order for everything to look right, you need to know a few rules that are mostly based on simplicity and smart mixing of different styles.

1. Handmade Earrings

When you want to wear big, sparkly handmade earrings, always choose a pair that will go with your face shape. It is also important to choose a simple hairstyle without many accessories, such as hair up in a bun or a ponytail. When it comes to colors, colorful earrings should be combined with a neutral color palette on clothes and vice versa.

2. Quantity

It is true that less is more, especially in the case of wearing statement handmade jewelry. Always opt for just one piece of statement handmade jewelry, e.g. necklace or bracelet. The only time you can wear two types of jewelry is when it comes to bracelets and earrings – because they are not too close, so the look can be balanced.

3. Handmade Rings

Big handmade rings with beautiful stones are gaining more and more popularity. However, you should pay attention to the appearance of your nails, because all eyes will be on them because of the beautiful detail on the fingers.

4. Handmade Necklaces


Handmade necklaces, like rings, are also very popular because they can change the whole look in just one second. The necklace must not “collide” with the collar, which means that you should be careful when choosing a T-shirt or shirt. With turtlenecks and plunging necklines, large necklaces are a great choice.

5. Colors and style of clothing


As we have already said, statement jewelry, which in itself is a sufficient accessory for the whole look, looks best with simple stylings – neutral shades or black color, combinations like jeans and a shirt or dress, but also with a modern color-blocking effect.

Apart from necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings, there are many other types of handmade jewelry, such as cufflinks, leg bracelets, barrettes, and body jewelry. This kind of handmade jewelry is reserved for brave girls who love to play with fashion details and know how to match them.

Your choice of clothes, hairstyle, makeup and jewelry reveal a lot about you, and researchers claim that an opinion is formed in the first fifteen seconds based on the first impression of someone. Handmade jewelry is an ideal tool to attract attention, but it is also powerful to divert attention from certain flaws and direct it to the other side. Also, if you are someone who is not in the habit of wearing any kind of jewelry, that indicates some of your characteristics.

If you are a person who prefers eye-catching handmade jewelry, which means large pieces of jewelry, and strong colors, others will see you as confident and a born leader. Most often you like to be the center of attention and do not consider the opinion of others. Such is the power of handmade jewelry. By wearing it the right way, you can make a statement, and send a message to the others around you.