What Clothes Should And Should Not Be Dry Cleaned?

Maintaining a closet is a big responsibility, especially for individuals who don’t have much time to do it. Regarding cleaning, silk jackets, woollen sweaters, and heavy gowns require particular attention. Traditional washing procedures use excessive water, which weakens the fabric and reduces its quality. As a result, you must choose a better technique for cleaning your garments. Dry cleaning, as compared to wet washing, keeps your clothes from degrading. It is the most excellent alternative for preventing the shrinking and fading of your clothes.

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If you’re unsure which garments can and cannot be dry cleaned, you’ve come to the perfect place. This will assist you in determining which garments in your wardrobe may be dry cleaned and which can be cared for at home. Online and offline stores offer dry cleaning services. Laundry Point is a dry cleaning software that offers high-quality services. Apart from 24-hour pickup and delivery, they also provide dry cleaning for almost all types of fabrics. However, before visiting any website or store, ensure you know which items are best for dry cleaning.

Are Your Clothes Cleaned?

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Dry cleaning is a whole different technique than ordinary washing. The dry cleaning machine is divided into four elements.

  • The dry cleaning machine is divided into four elements.
  • A circulation pump transports the solvent to the dry cleaning equipment.
  • Filters are used to gather the dirt cleaned from the fabrics and solvent.
  • For washing, things are placed on a rotating wheel.

The pump starts the cleaning process by transporting solvent from the holding tank. To remove impurities, the solvent passes through filters. The filtered solvent is then delivered to the cylinder. It then interacts with any dirt or grime on the materials. The solvent is drained back through the cylinder and into the holding chamber, where the procedure is repeated.

After your clothes have been cleaned, the extraction process begins. This procedure eliminates any remaining solvent from the fabrics. The cylinder’s speed increases, simulating a washing machine’s spin cycle. After the extraction procedure is complete, the cylinder comes to a halt. Afterwards, the items are either transferred to another dryer or dried in the same machine. Excess solvent is collected and returned to the holding tank.

Clothes That Can Be Dry Cleaned

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You may come across tags that say dry clean only, but be cautious before sending them for dry cleaning. These tags are the masters at deceiving you, and you may ruin your garments. Most manufacturers recommend dry cleaning as one of the best ways to clean clothes. Not every piece of clothing you wear should be dry cleaned. You probably have a few questions in your mind, but don’t worry. You’ll get all of your answers as you read on.


Dry cleaning is the most delicate technique to maintain the quality of linen. It has long been debated whether or not it should be dry cleaned. Although linen can be washed in cold water, excessive use of water and detergent might cause damage to your apparel. Traditional washing methods can cause the cloth to lose quality and make it uncomfortable to wear on the body.


Washing your leather jacket with water causes cracks. Having your leather boots or coats professionally cleaned prevents them from shrinking or ripping. If you want to bring new life to your leather clothing, dry washing is the most satisfactory solution.


Silk is one of those clothing items that require special attention. Dry-washing restores the quality of silk and thoroughly removes dirt and grime. Traditional washing methods are unsuitable for silk materials since they diminish their quality and sheen. Silk gowns with vibrant dyes, patterns, or accessories should only be sent to dry cleaners.


Many people are unsure whether rayon should be colored. Because rayon is a semi-synthetic fabric, it carries a high level of risk. Because it is constructed of cellulose fibres, it shrinks quickly and may lose shape. When treated with water or detergent, certain fabrics may lose their colour. As a result, these garments are recommended to be dry washed only.


Because suede repels water, it might be ruined if worn in the rain or snow. Water cleaning will almost certainly destroy your garments. Suedes are expensive to dry clean, but it is the only way to keep them from deteriorating and removing dirt.

Clothes That Should Not Be Dry Cleaned

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Cotton is a popular fabric in the textile industry. It can be washed in either warm or cold water. These products are easily washable in home machines. You are not required to pay for dry cleaning. Many cotton garments are made from pre-shrunk materials; thus, a blower will not alter the material’s quality.


While many feel they should not wash woollen clothing in water, many prefer dry cleaning to regular washing procedures. However, this is not true; woollens may be washed with water, and you won’t have to spend extra money on dry cleaning.


Water machines can wash synthetic textiles such as nylon, spandex, and polyester. They are lightweight and straightforward to clean by hand.

Can Hand Washing Items Be Dry Cleaned?

You might be perplexed if the tag on your garments says “hand wash only.” Most hand-wash fabrics are delicate and must be handled with care. They cannot be washed with powerful detergents or water. Delicate fabrics such as linen, silk, rayon, cashmere, or sequins should be cautiously introduced to the machine.

These goods may or may not be on a dry cleaning list, but they can be dry cleaned but not washed with any form of water. The most uncomplicated technique to clean hand-wash fabrics is to use cold water with a few drops of detergent to eliminate all grime. Squeeze out all the water and place it on any surface to dry.

To Sum Up

Every fabric is unique and must be appropriately treated. Fabrics such as nylon, rayon, and cotton can be washed at home, whereas leathers, suedes, and sequins must be dry cleaned. It saves you time and work, and most importantly, it protects your garments from damage. So, what are you holding out for? Download the laundry app and schedule a pickup for your dry cleaning.