How to Fix Scratched Ceramic Pan (Complete Guide)

Ceramic nonstick pans are not made entirely of ceramic, they are actually metal pots with a finish that uses silicon to prevent it from sticking and just like ceramic ware, the coating is made of sand and does have a slick, glossy surface which can be said to be why it’s called ceramic.

Ceramic pans can also be referred to as ceramic cookware and they are made of aluminium or some other metals which are coated with a ceramic enamel, ceramic pans are fast becoming the choice of cookware for many households due to it’s resistance to scratches and chips however the regular use of ceramic cookware only makes it viable to scratches.

Scratches on a ceramic pan would definitely reduce the non-stickiness of the pan and that can be a bit annoying, this could, however, be fixed and maintained properly, there are lot’s of questions on how to fix scratched ceramic pan, this article carefully explains how scratched ceramic pan could be fixed and maintained.

Proper cleaning of ceramic pans are important and most scratches can cause bacterial buildup however there are safe ways to repair ceramic pans without causing more damages, ceramic pans are great and below is how you can fix them and how to prevent scratches in future.

Are ceramic pans any good?

Ceramic pans are cookware considered to be 100% safe as it does not contain the chemicals found in Teflon (i.e PTFE and PFOA) non-stick coating and also ceramic pans are known to perform really well and there is no scientific evidence that this cookware contains toxic and since it is glazed in a kiln instead of coated or dipped then it is quite safe.

Ceramic pans are completely non-reactive and contain no chemical additive and there is nothing to leech into your food which makes this cookware safe to use.


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Can you use scratched ceramic pans?

Ceramic pans are likely to last up to 3 to 5 years without being scratched when it’s properly maintained however stainless steel utensils could scratch or damage the ceramic pan or any no-stick coating and this also applies to Teflon or ceramic and thereby reduce the life span of the pan.

Scratched or chipped ceramic pan means you are sure to get glazing or even flakes of ceramic in your food which can range from dangerous to highly toxic depending on where it’s from and the level of leaching.

How do you fix scratched ceramic pans?

Non-stick ceramic pan is becoming regular cookware for many households and the possibility of a scratch if you use it regularly can be avoided, the non-stick pan has a Teflon layer on top of the pan which actually prevents food from sticking to the pan but the constant use of spatula can harm the layer and create scratch on it and fixing scratches on ceramic pat is a common question.

Below is how this can be done easily and safely.

  • Clean the pan thoroughly using a soft sponge and a solution of dishwashing soap, dirty pans can not be fixed so make sure it is cleaned first, it is best to use warm water when washing your ceramic pan, if the scratched particle of the pan gets into the food, it can create severe health issues.
  • Next will be to get a cookware repair spray from the cookware store, spray your pan with this spray from 1 foot above the pan, this will give the pan an even coating of the spray, ensure to continue spraying the whole area of the whole pan to get an even layer.
  • The nest step will be to allow the cookware spray to sit in for 30 to 40 minutes in normal temperature and while waiting, you should ensure no dirt or fly perch on the wet area, this might make the pan toxic and not give you the result you want.
  • Bake the pan for 45 minutes to allow the spray set on the surface properly, when the baking is complete, let the pan sit in the oven for an hour to cool down.
  • Lastly, you need to wash the ceramic pan, wash the pan using warm water and sponge to clean the spray off the pan, take a look at the pan afterwards to make sure a proper coating of the spray has been done and if yes, then your ceramic pan is ready to be used and if not, you need to redo the process to make the ceramic pan safe and convenient to cook with.

Why does my ceramic pan stick?

How to fix a scratch in a ceramic pan

It is important to keep your ceramic cookware healthy at all time, proper cleaning helps the ceramic pan perform well as leftover food particles can easily build up over time which can, in turn, interfere with the non-stick performance of the ceramic pan which causes food to stick.

The most obvious reason why hygiene is advised when it comes to ceramic pans is to make your pan non-stick for as long as it should be. Empty or dry ceramic pans should only be used over low heat.

How to make a ceramic pan non-stick again?

There are simple techniques that can be adopted to make ceramic pan non-stick again, non-stick cookware is great for a quick clean up in the kitchen, reseasoning the ceramic pan can help you make it non-stick again and this can be done simply by putting an oil coat and heating it, after cooling down, wipe off the extra oil and your pan is non-stick again.


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In Conclusion

A ceramic pan can handle lot’s of heat and a lot of cooking techniques, however, it has to be used properly and get into a routine of caring and cleaning for your ceramic pan regularly, this would give it a longer life span.

Ceramic pans have scratch resistance quality provided it is well stored and maintained, avoid stacking other cookware atop your ceramic pans during storage, this method can damage both or one pan and when storing your pan, it is advised to put them in a place where they will not fall and nothing can fall into them, a closed cabinet will be an ideal place to store your ceramic pans.

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