What Is The Effect Of Oven Cleaners On Kitchen Countertops?

The use of oven cleaners to remove hard stains on the kitchen counter by most people is becoming quite common and this might be due to the fact that everyone wants a dazzling kitchen counter however there might be some adverse effect that comes along with this.

Your kitchen counters are where you create meals for the family which means you want them to be as safe as possible and this means keeping it clean, in the attempt to achieve this goal, some households opt to use strong detergents such as oven cleaners to get messy stains out of your kitchen counter but this chemical are not exactly as healthy as they seem

An oven cleaner is a unique formula that helps you tackle any tough stains on your kitchen counter without too much hassle but it is vital to be sure about how safe an oven cleaner is, while oven cleaners are very effective, there is the possibility of it being damaging to your household environment.

Kitchen counters might not be the perfect solution to getting rid of stubborn stains from your kitchen counter, in this article, we will discuss the effects of oven cleaners on the kitchen counter.

What Is An Oven Cleaner?

It is important to know what an oven cleaner is before deciding on what it can be used for, oven cleaners are simply a detergent that is meant to clean grease, dirt and other food particles in your oven.

Oven cleaners come in quite handy when dealing with the mess in your ovens, it saves you lots of time and efforts struggling to clean your oven.

Oven cleaners are perfect for the oven since the messes in an oven can remain unnoticed for a long time and this is because the inside parts are not as visible as kitchen countertops, it does a great job of getting rid of stains when used for an oven.

List Of Ingredients Found In Oven Cleaners That Are Harsh On Kitchen Counters

The ingredients in an oven cleaner depend on the oven cleaner being used, the effects may not be immediate but the continual use of it will eventually cause damages to the kitchen counter, some of these ingredients are harmful to the kitchen counter even though it might help remove stains and grease from your countertop and some these ingredients include.

  • Turpentine
  • Sodium hydroxide
  • Foaming agents
  • Degreasers
  • Alcohol

You should confirm if your oven cleaner contains any of these ingredients before using on your kitchen counter and if used already, it should be stopped immediately to prevent further damages.

What Are Effect Of Oven Cleaner On Kitchen Counters?

The toxic cleaner in an oven cleaner can cause permanent damages to your kitchen counter and this can be traced to some ingredients found in oven cleaner, here are some of the critical effects of oven cleaner on your kitchen counter.

  • Sodium hydroxide is one of the main ingredients found in paint stripper and it can be found in large amounts in an oven cleaner which means applying this to your kitchen counter that has been painted or sealed can cause lots of damages. It is best to keep the oven cleaner away from a tile or stone countertop.
  • Alcohol also plays a vital role in this, it can lead to discolouration of vinyl and synthetic materials and this is because alcohol is a very powerful solvent and it acts really fast.
  • Thre is also sodium hydroxide which also aids in the discolouration of aluminium material, it is best to keep oven cleaners away from your aluminium kitchen countertop.
  • These chemicals are found not to be just damaging to your kitchen counter but also to the body as well and this is because your kitchen countertop is where all your foods cut or placed while cooking, ingesting any of these chemicals can lead to a couple of severe health complications. You should immediately wipe off any oven cleaner that spills on your kitchen counter as soon as possible.

What Alternatives Do You Have?

What Is The Effect Of Oven Cleaners On Kitchen Countertops?

If you have been using an oven cleaner and probably wants to stop then you might be thinking about alternatives after discovering how damaging an oven cleaner is to your countertop, there are great options that can be used as an alternative to an oven cleaner when it comes to getting rid of tough stains.

  • Use over cleaners that are meant for your kitchen countertop, there are lot’s of them in the market, ensure to get the one specifically made suitable for your kitchen counter.
  • You can easily create your own kitchen counter cleaner at home using baking soda and vinegar this two can easily help create the perfect cleaner for your kitchen countertop.
  • There are basically lot’s of cleaners available at your disposal however before using any of it, ensure you read the ingredients and it does not contain any of the ingredients listed above, if it contains any of the ingredients highlighted above then we advise staying away from it.

What Materials Are Affected Most By Oven Cleaners?

No matter how desperate you are, we advise staying away from oven cleaner and it has been discovered that the effects of oven cleaner on kitchen countertop depends on the material being used, some materials are at more risks than others.

  • Wood: This is one material you should try to keep an oven cleaner from, wooden countertops are the weakest countertops and oven cleaners can eat away at this material in no time
  • Stainless steel: The use of oven cleaner on stainless steel can lead to rust, it will stain this material in no time and leave spots behind.
  • Tile: Tile might be a bit stronger than woods but they are not immune to the harsh chemicals found in oven cleaner, an oven cleaner can erode the top coating and grout in no time.
  • Stone: Some stones countertop are the most durable material for countertops, whether it’s marble or granite but they still might not be able to withstand the chemicals found in oven cleaners.

In Conclusion

You can expect your kitchen counter to always be messy most especially if you cook a lot and cleaning does become mandatory.

However to stay on the safe side if things, you should avoid using oven cleaner and rather sort fora alternatives that will be gentle on your kitchen counter.

As stated above, oven cleaners are simply dangerous to your kitchen counter hence