How to Get Rid Of Ants In The Kitchen

Ants are one of the common pests you can find in the kitchen and the possibility of these ants being dangerous are always a cause of concern for many households, the biggest concern with ants infestation within your home is the potential for disease and ants are also generally annoying in the house, they are constantly moving back and forth, indoors and back out and picks germs along the way and there is the possibility of picking up germs which can spread across your food especially if you have them in your kitchen.

Ants are certainly a nuisance and there are simple ways you can get rid of them.

Although ants are considered generally harmless, they could easily contaminate your food and where you see a single ant, a colony is likely nearby and killing the ant won’t solve the problem which why is why it is best to also take note of what causes these ants and try to prevent them.

Ants are not pleasant house guests and if you do have lot’s of them in your kitchen, this article contains simple tips on how to get rid of ants in your kitchen and if you encounter one, below are things you should know.

Why do ants come inside the kitchen?

Ants are tiny creature and could easily come crawling into the house through minutes cracks and crevices, ants are continually looking for food and water and although many ants build there nest outside but can become a nuisance when they forage for food inside your home and when a good food source is discovered in your kitchen.

When springtime rolls around, ants send a scout out to forage for food and when they leave, they leave a trail of scents for the other ants to find their way to the food and this might be in your kitchen.

Are ants actually dangerous?

Some ants are actually dangerous to have in your home and even though they are only referred to as nuisance they are also carriers of many germs and while others are dangerous to have at home, in the kitchen, businesses, outbuilding and belongings as they are known to damage woods.

There are different kinds of ants and while some are dangerous to your furniture, some are carriers of diseases. The vast majorities of ants are garden dwellers that do more good than harm and ants roaming inside the house can sometimes spread bacteria.

How to Get Rid Of Ants In The Kitchen

how to get rid of ants in the kitchen

An ant infestation can be really annoying and this is even more so when this infestation is happening in your kitchen, ants are social creatures that generally form colonies in which individuals take different roles and these ants are the reproducing individual and you can be sure killing one won’t get rid of them as they continue to reproduce and the key to getting rid of ants infestation is to target those you can’t see, below are simple tips to help get rid of nats in your kitchen.

1. Identify The Trail

The first key step in getting rid of ants in your kitchen is to identify the trails used by the worker ants, this is what is used to move to and fro, hence it should be noted first. Ants carry food through this nests leaving trails for the other ants to follow, ants are always seeking for food and once they find some edible material inside your kitchen, it leaves a chemical path or trail for its fellow ants to follow to collect more food.

2. Commercial Treatments

Commercial ants control is quite effective in removing ants and it’s colonies from your kitchen this method also helps prevent further infestation for a very long time, here are simple commercial treatments that work.

  • Ant dust: Ants dust is a popular treatment for getting rid of ants in your kitchen, you can save lot’s of time and efforts with this process, you should sprinkle this along the perimeter of their home or the areas they have been frequently seen. Most of these commercial powders emit odours that deter pothers from crossing their lines.
  • Ant-repellents spray: Just as the name implies, ants repellents spray works in providing a kill on contact solution, it’s a very effective commercial treatment.

3. Natural Ants Removal Treatment

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There are lots of ants removal treatment that can get rid of ant infestation, some of these are also very safe and easy to use in your kitchen and around the home.

  • Vinegar: Spraying vinegar in affected areas such as your countertops r between floorboard cracks can help get rid of ants infestation, it eliminates established ants hormone trails for it to be effective, sprays multiple times a day for at least a week.
  • Liquid dish soap: This might come as a surprise but it has been a method used by lot’s of people to get rid of ants infestation in the kitchen and around the house. Apply a spray containing a mixture of dish wash soap and water to places like floorboards, wall cracks, window ledges and other affected places to prevent ants from crossing, this can also be used directly on ants.
  • Cucumber peels and lemon juice: Ants can’t stand the fumes emitted from citrus fruits and veggies emit and cucumber and lemon juice is perfect for getting rid of ants,  this is a natural way to get rid of ants in your kitchen and all you need is to squit this juice into direct foundation cracks or suspected places of entry and also place peels and zests in target areas in your kitchen.
  • Talcum powder: Talcum or baby powder can also be used in getting rid of ants around the house, find the entry point of the ants and sprinkle a line of talcum powder to create a firewall and you can watch it do its work.

Final Thoughts

Ants are not just annoying little pests you do not want crawling into your food but some of them are known to sting which is why it is important to get of these ants and it doesn’t need to cost a fortune, some natural ants removal ingredients can be found in your kitchen.

Above are some of the safest and best ways to remove ants infestation. Know of other great ways to get rid of ants? Let us know in the comment box below.

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