8 Ways Women Can Take Better Care Of Their Health In Their 30’s

There is a life saying that says ”you start to live fully when the age clock ticks 30” for some that might not be true but for most, it’s time to put some plans into action.

As a woman approaching her late 30’s, you should definitely care more about your health.

Why should I take care of my health in my late 30’s after all am getting older, not younger?

When that youthful exuberance starts reducing, so does the body and mind capabilities start diminishing and also researchers have deemed it a period to do a thorough health reevaluation.

To avoid becoming cranky and less active in your old age, we have gathered 5 healthy ways to ensure an able mind and body.

Does Your Body Change In Your 30’s?

When you are about to say goodbye to your 20’s then you are likely to worry about serious changes in the ’30s but the research did show that metabolism change mainly happens around 40’s, you might worry about physical changes though and this can be easily rectified with exercises and the right diet plan.

Adopting a healthier lifestyle at the age of 30 will ensure a well-ballanced body by 40.

8 Things To Do In Your Late 30’s

You want to remain agile and alert even in your late 30’s?

Then you should do these five things listed below.

1. Diet

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This will be the first thing any doctor or health practitioner will tell you, the body doesn’t need the wrong food at this stage, you need to be on a well-balanced diet, consume more fruits.

If too many cholesterols are in the system at this stage it will slow down bodily functions and you will find yourself getting more tired than necessary.

Stay away from sugar and processed foods, you can work out a healthy food plan that works well for you and stick to it.

2. Gratitude

You might want to take a step back and reflect on all life has offered you, not everyone gets a chance to be in their 30’s so that might be one out of millions of reasons to be grateful.

Life can take a toll on any woman but if even at that you have made it this far. Dance if you want to and smile more often.

Gratitude can just be all you need to maintain that healthy body in your late 30’s.

3. Keep In Touch With Family And Friends

Get into those family gatherings on weekends, do things more nicely at the office, do not be too busy to call that friend of yours.

Slow things down a little,  get all who matters to you together in one room and party with them, you do not even need to be celebrating anything for that to happen.

Love and care from family and friends can get put you in an exhilarating mood and when the mind is happy the body is too.

4. Less Alcohol Intake

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Do you know women who drink are likely to develop heart disease faster than men?

You should know this and steer clear of alcohol, Women are also prone to cancer if they are chronic drinkers. 

There is no term as ”I drink lightly”, any amount of ethanol acid can be really damaging to the body system.

In order to ensure a healthy lifestyle in your late 30? Minimize your alcohol consumption.

5. Deal With Your Anger

Getting angry will only stress out, it is vital to remain calm and this will help keep your heart rate in check and staying anger free is not limited to heart health alone but this means being more happy and comfortable.

According to a study suppressing your anger can lead to poor quality sleep and quality sleep is needed to keep you fit and healthy in your 30’s.

Everyone has emotions for an unexplainable reason but controlling it will go a long way in keeping you healthy, you can’t avoid feeling anger all together but you can find a way to cope and deal well with it.

6. Tweak Your Calory Intake

There was a time you could eat practically anything and be fine with but as age increases, the body metabolism changes and stores fat even faster especially when exercises are now limited.

As you age you need fewer calories hence it is advisable to limit your calories and you should rather keep a track of it and ensure to have a healthy diet plan implemented, however, if you are more active then you need more calories per day.

Find ways to balance the amount of energy you take in with the amount of energy you burn.

7. Do A Monthly Breast Exam

Doctor’s do advise women in their 30’s to ensure a monthly breast exam is done and should report any pain, swelling, lumps, rashes or other changes to their health care providers immediately, this will help prevent future risks and also your doctor can quickly diagnose if there is a problem and treatment can be given on time.

The best time to do a monthly breast exam is 3-5 days after your period starts or a few days after your period ends.

8. Drink Water Every Morning

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Water should be a very important part of your day, staying hydrated every day keeps your mind and body active and also your skin and hair get to benefit from staying hydrated.

When you drink water on an empty stomach, it helps rid the body of harmful toxins and improves metabolism.

There are a whole lot’s of benefits associated with drinking water every morning and this should be before eating any meal as it helps to flush and balance the lymphatic system, which leads to increased levels of immunity which in turn will keep you safe from various diseases and prevent you from falling sick often.

Losing your youth exuberance should not be a source of worry, you should do some light exercise to keep the body fit, Make sure to do a follow-through of the 4 ways listed above and you will be having the best late 30’s of all time.