How Leak Proof Underwear Works & How to Clean – 2024 Guide

Leak proof underwear is becoming mainstream today because more and more women are switching to them instead of regular underwear during menstruation. But there are still many questions that people have about leak-proof underwear, or as they are commonly called period panties.

In this article, we will be answering the question of how it is different from regular undergarments. Lastly, we will be taking up the matter of how to effectively clean these pairs of underwear.

What is Leak Proof Underwear?

Let us begin by describing what leak proof underwear is. It means exactly what the name suggests. These undergarments are specifically designed to hold all the liquid and discharge within the crotch area and prevent leakage. This underwear is worn more extensively during periods because, during these days, the chances of blood flow leakage are at an all-time high.

Traditional underwear has one layer of fabric which offers no protection against blood stains during menstruation. On the other hand, leak proof undergarments have multiple layers of fabric on the crotch area. These multiple layers allow for the liquid to be trapped effectively within the undergarment itself and not leave any bloodstains on the clothes.

How Do They Work?


Understanding how the leak proof underwear works is not difficult. It is very similar in appearance to regular underwear. Additionally, one might think that multiple fabrics would make this seem bulky, but that is not the case here. These underground moments are extremely comfortable and soft to wear and also are offered in cotton fabric to make it breathable.

These undergarments work to trap the leakage and discharge effectively within the layers of fabric. The regular panties have only two layers of fabric on the crotch area. You can consider leak proof panties an upgrade on regular ones. Typically, the garment is supposed to hold as much blood as two tampons can hold.

Even though these panties are equipped to handle the heavy flow, many women use them along with their menstrual hygiene products. This means that these undergarments are worn along with a menstrual cup or a tampon to prevent accidental leakage during days of heavy flow. You can get good quality leak proof period underwear at Modibodi.

Feeling skeptical about the use of this underwear is pretty normal, which is why you can try wearing it on days when the flow is not that heavy. It will allow you to see for yourself how effective the fabric is and when you can wear it without any chances of bloodstains.

Why Choose Leak Proof Underwear?

Making the switch to leak proof underwear is a great choice that is advocated by many women across the world. There are many reasons why you should make the switch. Some of them are as follows:

  • It will save up money on menstrual hygiene products, especially on days with a light flow.
  • They will function as an extra layer of protection by preventing any accidental leakages.
  • You will feel a height and sense of comfort because your underwear is working as a sanitary pad and prevents any blood stains from showing up on your pants.
  • These are economical because they can be reused after washing, much like regular undergarments.
  • It is an environmentally-friendly choice because many menstrual hygiene products are detrimental to the environment, while this underwear is reusable.

How to Clean Period Underwear?


It has already been established that leak proof underwear can be washed and worn each time your period returns. This means that you will have to engage in certain washing practices to make sure all the blood from the previous cycle is gone. 

Here are some steps which will help you clean the panties effectively and be ready for your next menstrual cycle:

  • As soon as you remove your period panties, make sure to soak them immediately or rinse them off. If you do not have time to rinse, soaking will work best and can be done in both hot and cold water.
  • It will be best if you hand wash your period underwear to protect the layers and make it last longer.
  • If washing in a washing machine, just ensure that you place the underwear in a washable mesh bag. Always wash them on a gentle or delicate cycle so that the fabric remains in a good condition.
  • Do not use a dryer to dry out your leak proof underwear. Rely on the sun to help you out. Let the fabric of the underwear dry out naturally so that the undergarments remain in a good condition.
  • After they dry out, you can keep them in your drawers, ready for the next time they are required.

Undergarments are designed specially so that they do not retain any bloodstains. If you soaked them properly and washed them well, they would not retain any kind of smells or stains. But if you are still worried about the underwear smelling, then soak them in a vinegar-water mixture for a more effective deep cleaning. Use a mild detergent whenever possible to make sure your undergarments last longer.

The Takeaway

Leak proof underwear works through effective capturing of the liquid within the layers of multiple fabrics. It is highly preferable to wear these panties during periods to prevent leakage from tampons and menstrual cups. This underwear works like a wearable sanitary napkin that can be reused after washing.