20 Plants That Don’t Need Sunlight to Grow Or Survive

Can a plant survive without sunlight?

Hard to kill plants don’t need sunlight and you might be under the impression that you need tons of sunlight for your house plants to grow but they are basically many indoor plants that can survive without sunlight.

Low light plants are the perfect choice of plants to get for shadier spaces, they are easy to care for, and if you find the right low light plants, it is even easier to maintain and if your home or office is short on the light then a low light tolerant plant is what you need.

All plants need a little sun however there are many tropical plants that can adapt well to minimal sunlight and indoor conditions because they are grown naturally in environments with little light.

The sun rays might not get the chance to be welcomed in some parts of the house and if this tends to happen, you might consider getting a plant that grows without sunlight. 

Plants that need sunlight to grow may start to lose their leaf color and while it is true that all plants need at least a little sunlight, they are basically plants that can flourish without it.

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20 Plants That Don’t Need Sunlight to Thrive

There are tons of plants you can accommodate indoor however not all of them will survive without sunlight hence we have rounded up 20 plants that don’t need sunlight to grow or survive.

1. Chinese Evergreen

Indoor plants that don't need sunlightImage: Crocus

Chinese evergreen is a plant that is easy to grow and among the many indoor plants that don’t need sunlight to survive, this plant thrives in medium to low light conditions and in direct sunlight as well, it can be planted indoor as it is equally low care and you can water it regularly however wherever you are placing this plant in your house, ensure it gets a warm temperature and somewhat humid condition.

2. Japanese Sago Palm

best indoor plants

Japanese sago palm is a low light plant that is easy to care for, this plant is a popular houseplant known for its feathery foliage which makes it an interesting plant and it does not require lots of lights to survive or grow.

Sago palm can be used as an ornamental plant.

3. Dracaena

indoor plants no sunlightImage: Crocus

Another popular ornamental houseplant is dracaena, it is often grown indoor and it comes in many varieties which can look really great on your shelves.

This plant has a tree-like look however it grows well in bright indirect light but can survive in low and medium light if needed.

4. Parlor Palm

paror palm best indoor plants no sunlightImage: Refinery29

Parlor palm is an attractive little palm that was first discovered in Central America and it’s an indoor plant that has been used in the United States for a long while, this plants are great for your living room or dining room and they are excellent air purifiers as well, it can grow in low light but perfect in medium light and they can also tolerate darker and shadier areas instead of bright ones.

5. Cast Iron Plant

cast iron plant for indoors Image: Pinterest

This plant has earned an impeccable reputation as a nearly indestructible houseplant and is commonly referred to as the iron plant due to its hardy nature and it can withstand neglect which makes it a great indoor plant as it is also easy to care for and they are almost impossible to kill and it thrives in low light too.

6. Snake Plant

snake plant for indoorImage: White Flower Farm

Snake plant is one of the most common houseplants, it has many benefits as indoor plants, and it also one of the toughest indoor plants which makes it ideal for low light as it can tolerate most indoor conditions.

7. Calathea

clathea best indoor plants no sun neededImage: The Sill

Calathea plant is another popular indoor plant that is often used in homes and businesses, there are several species in this genus and it is known by many names such as peacock plant, rattlesnake plant, cathedral window, or zebra plant.

This plant prefers low to medium light and they can be particular about their care, they also prefer moist soil but not damp.

8. Prayer Plant

prayer plant no sunlight neededImage: Beards & Daises

The prayer plant is another indoor plant that is tolerant of low light however it does best in bright indirect sunlight but can survive under low to medium light.

Prayer plant is also easy to grow and it is commonly known for its pink veins and oval leaves.

This plant should be allowed to get enough light during the day as it might begin to fade or close and not open if it does not get enough sunlight, it prefers high humidity and moist soil.

9. Spider Plant

spider plant for indoorsImage: The Spruce

The spider plant is also known as an airplane plant, this is a great air-purifying plant and it is also one of the most adaptable of houseplants and it can grow easily in a wide range of environment and although they do prefer scorching in direct sunlight, they will also survive and grow in conditions ranging from partial direct sun to semi-shady.

10. Peace Lily

indoor plants no sunlight neededImage: Avas Flowers

Peace lilies are mostly used as floor decor but are really amazing indoor plants that are easy to care for, this plant is one of the best air-purifying plants and it will cope in quiet low light although it does prefer indirect light and as long as it’s humidity needs are met, it does enjoy medium to low light.

Peace lily can also thrive in fluorescence light and the more light they receive, the more likely they are to produce white flowers.

11. Begonia Rex

Begonia rex likes bright indirect sunlight and it is one of the top low light plants you can add to your home decor, it has the most amazing leaf colors and shapes and they can survive in varieties of conditions, from bright indirect light to low light, rex begonia also does well indoor with just filtered light.

12. Maidenhair Fern

Maidenhair Fern for indoor plantsImage: Crocus

There are many fern varieties like the Boston fern and bird’s nest fern which are all great indoor plants that thrive well in indirect sunlight and the maidenhair fern is no exception.

Maidenhair ferns are amazing plants that elevate the room, they can be a great addition to shady gardens can also tolerate bright indirect areas of the home.

13. Lucky Bamboo

best indoor plants without sunlightImage: Nestreoo

A common indoor plant known to increase feng shui is lucky bamboo, it is well used for years for its benefits as an indoor plant and it can tolerate filter light and all you have to do is keep it watered once a week.

14. Creeping Fig

best indoor plantsImage: Etsy

Creeping fig is another common houseplant that is also known as fig ivy, it is a delightful little plant that can be used as an air purifier or house decor.

This plant is less aggressive and easier to contain when it is planted in less fertile soil and in terms of sunlight needs, it can be grown in almost any light conditions from sun to shade.

15. Golden Pothos

golden pothos indoor plants without sunlightImage: Crocus Plants

Pothos is an easy to grow houseplant and is a very versatile plant, it can tolerate both low or bright filtered light, it is known to be a great plant for beginners and it can be planted outdoor as it thrives in full sun as well.

16. Umbrella Palm

Umbrella PalmImage: Gardening Know How

This is a tropical plant that can grow to almost six feet in height but they make great indoor plants as well and can tolerate low to medium light conditions.

These plants do not require a high light level and while it can grow under full sun conditions, it will tolerate partial shade conditions.

17. Moth Orchid

best indoor plantsImage: White Flower Farm

Phalaenopsis plants which are also known as moth orchid are considered to be the prettiest plant in the list of plant that doesn’t need sunlight to grow and survive, these plants are great indoor plants which are also ideal for low light conditions.

18. English Ivy

best indoor plants no sunlight neededImage: MyBageecha

English ivy is a common houseplant with medicinal purposes and it is an indoor plant that can be grown in many different situations and to can turn any drab wall into a fresh work of art which makes it the perfect choice for trailing across yards and gardens.

English ivy prefers bright indirect sunlight but can survive in low light.

19. Japanese Sedge

Japanese Sedge indoor plants no sun lightImage: Pinterest

Another elegant plant that can survive without direct sunlight is Japanese sedge, these plants are low growing clumping plants with a tidy plant that has a tolerance for both bright and semi-shady spaces, this is an attractive plant that can be used to beautify your home and environment.

20. Dumb Cane

Dumb Canes plants not good for the home

Dumb cane is a plant that is known as the leopard lily and it’s a popular houseplant due to its easy-going nature, this plant can survive without direct sunlight and is commonly found adorning homes and office spaces.

The dumb cane should be kept away from kids and pets and every part of it is poisonous and should not be chewed on, it can thrive between medium to low light depending on the species. The dumb cane can tolerate low light and can also survive on low filtered light.

Final Thoughts

Plants that don’t need sunlight to grow or survive are the easiest to care for and while it is great to let the sunshine in sometimes, some parts of the house may not have the opportunity to welcome this sunlight and this is where you need houseplants that don’t need direct sunlight to grow and stay healthy.

Every plant has it’s benefits and uses and when you head out to the store in search of plants that can survive without sunlight, above is the list of plants you will need to look out for.