How Do Premium Cheeses Differ From Mass-produced Cheeses?

Cheese is a perfect ingredient that gives an amazing taste to your meal. Many people do not know about the variety of cheeses available in the market. They must learn its quality, types, and taste before they grab it from the local store. But some people are concerned about the particular type.

You can categorize different cheeses, i.e., premium quality or mass-produced. It is costly when buying premium quality cheese and is available in less quantity. But the industrial cheese is produced in bulk and is available locally at cheap rates. You can compare them and buy the best one from Serene Dairy.

This write-up will compare premium and mass-produced cheeses with different attributes. You can also change your preferences once you know the difference. Every cheese type will add a different taste and texture to your dishes.

1. Smell

You can spot the difference between industrial and artisan cheeses by their smell. The smell of the premium cheese is unique and fresh. You can easily notice the aroma between the two. If you take a piece of soft cheese, the whitish mold smells like ammonia, which is quite sharp.

You must check the same smell in the camembert type. But if you consider taking the mold one, it smells a bit earthy. The massive difference you can spot is the strong odor in the artisan type. Sometimes, industrial cheese has a little bit of a milk-like scent or is completely odorless. You cannot notice any uniqueness in the smell of bulk-made cheese.

2. Taste

Taste - Cheese

Generally, premium cheeses are made of raw milk that tastes quite strong and spicy. It depends on the quality of the milk used in small factories. If you desire to experiment with different cheese tastes, you must go with the premium ones. Every cheesemaker has a different choice when it comes to choosing raw milk.

The smell and aroma of the raw milk determine the taste. Creating the best quality makes the taste a bit stronger and spicier. If you desire to taste a more potent or nuanced flavor, you must try the artisan one. Industrial cheese is produced in bulk, and mass batches of milk are required for manufacturing.

These industries produce more cheese with compromised taste and smell in less time. The quick manufacturing process makes the ingredient lose its strong and intense flavor. You cannot expect a refined taste in your meal if you use locally available cheese.

3. Physical Aspects

Appearance is another factor for determining the difference between two types of cheeses. The industrial one is in perfect shape. It looks pure and appealing. You will get the same white color that you see in the pictures.

But the premium ones look quite different as they are yellow and appear imperfect due to blue mold. If you desire to taste the perfect food with added cheese, it is better to go with premium cheese. But your food will look amazing if you use industrial cheese, which can be used comfortably.

4. Manufacturing Quantity

Manufacturing Quantity

The bulk cheese is made in massive quantities and supplied to local stores or supermarkets. Big milk batches in large factories are processed in large plants, and cheese is manufactured in bulk.

The taste and texture of the product remain the same because machines calculate and operate everything.

The manufacturing process also takes less time; hence, it is packed in fancy packaging. Premium cheeses can be handmade and manufactured in small factories by cheesemakers. Generally, raw milk used for manufacturing is of premium quality.

5. Quality

The quality of premium artisan cheese is better than the mass-produced. Nothing can beat it in terms of taste, aroma, or flavor. But if the food presentation does not matter to you, then it is time to choose quality over quantity.

The price in which you buy industrial cheese in large quantities, you get the premium one in small quantities. The major reason for the price difference is their quality. You cannot get the artisan piece from a local store; hence, it is available in a few selected places.

6. Price

Cheese Price

The price of premium cheese made by dedicated cheesemakers is higher than the mass-produced. You will get handmade cheese in small quantities at high prices. The buying price for the industrially manufactured ingredient is low, and you can get it in large quantities.

The price factor is dependent on quality and other factors. Anything produced and sold in bulk is available at a low price. Every handmade item is expensive, and so is cheese.

7. Places to Buy

You can buy mass-produced cheese from any local store or supermarket. When large factories manufacture this milk ingredient in bulk, it is supplied to every local store and available to people at a reasonable price. You can also visit the supermarket and buy the cheese of your choice.

But if you want to buy premium cheese, you must find it online or in dedicated stores. Many cheesemakers open their shops and keep their handmade items to sell to everyone. Instead of going to the supermarket or general stores, you must get it from any dairy.

The Bottom Line


Premium cheese is quite different from mass-produced or industrial products. You can determine the difference between them by the mentioned factors. The premium product is not available at any general store or supermarket. You must struggle a bit to get a favorite piece of cheese to add to your food.

You must visit local dairies or cheesemaker shops to buy handmade cheese. To maintain the food taste, you must get a fresh piece of cheese produced in small factories or cheesemakers. But if you are concerned about the food’s appearance or its low price, it is good to go with industrial cheese.

You can determine the difference through simple factors and buy as per your preferences. You can make your food delicious by adding cheese of good quality. Knowing the difference will solve all your confusion, and you will make a good choice.