20 Editor-Approved Fringe Hairstyles For 2024

Fringe are those hairstyles you never find boring and also there is always a fringe to suit every face shape, a fringe us that one hairstyle that gives you the opportunity to heighten your face shape and introduce something new and interesting into your hairstyle.

It doesn’t matter the length of your hair, a fringe looks equally great with long, medium or short lengths, so you may stick to your preferred cut, and refresh it with a new twist at the expense of classy bangs. The length, style, and finish for your fringe may vary.

Do not hesitate to go for the style that suits your features and gives you the exact look you want, below are 20 fringe hairstyles to choose from.

20 Cute Fringe Hairstyles For 2024

1. Blunt Fringe

fringe hairstyle for 2024

Source: Pinterest

A blunt fringe is a quite popular kind of fringe and loved by the American’s you can also retain the length of your hair with a simple blunt bang, only the front has to be neatly trimmed however you would need to have this well maintained to give it the desired look.

2. Full Fringe Hairstyle

fringe hairstyle for 2024

Source: Trhs

A full fringe haircut is the best option for long thick hair, keeps it more heightened and gorgeous, instead of a traditional fringe that might become too heavy and hard to maintain, you should rather go for a full fringe that is simple and yet elegant.

3. Side Bob Fringe

Fringe hairstyle for 2024

Source: Wellness magazine

Side bob fringe is another way to keep it simple and gorgeous, this can be done easily but only by a professional stylist in order to give it a more iconic look.

4. Shoulder Length Bob Fringe

fringe hairstyle for 2024

Source: Kerry Washington

Shoulder length fringe is another hairstyle 2024 is going to enjoy in full swing and we Kerry Washington shows us exactly how it should be done.

5. Horizontal Fringe

Fringe hairstyle for 2024

Source: Tilependant

Most Ombre coloured hair needs bangs that retain the length and shows off the unique colour which is quite obvious in this simple exotic fringe.

6. Beachy Curls With Bangs

fringe hairstyle

Source: Pinterest

The exquisite beachy curls with nice unique bangs to rock with it, this requires little maintenance but the first cut would have to be on point and less dramatic.

7. Micro Bangs

fringe hairstyle for 2024

Source: Refinery29

Micro bangs is definitely another interesting hairstyle our editors find fascinating, this perfect for ladies with short hair.

8. Short Trimmed Fringes

fringe hairstyle

Source: Zendaya Coleman

Another way for short hair to rock a bang is just like Zendaya Coleman simple well-trimmed hairstyle.

9. Layered Bangs With Updo

fringe hairstyle

Source: Pinterest

A great way to go easy on your hair and scalp with this perfect hairstyle above.

10. Short Updo Fringe

fringe hairstyle

Source: Lauraharrier

This is just similar to a long layered blunt bang but for a shorter hair and you want to keep it simple then this is just the perfect fringe hairstyle to go for.

11. Feathered Layers

fringe hairstyle

Source: Lacyredway

Feathered layers is a most suitable hairstyle for day to day lifestyle, nothing too dramatic about this hairstyle but quite beautiful and trendy.

12. Blonde Shag Fringe

fringe hairstyle

Source: Beauty

Give your look a more refined and classic makeover with this fascinating hairstyle.

13. Chin Length Hair With Bangs

fringe hairstyle

Source: Pinterest

If you are hoping to spice up your look then you should surely take the leap and go for a chin-length fringe

14. Long Micro Fringe

fringe hairstyle

Source: Soo Joo Park

Long micro bangs are mostly referred to as effortless bangs, heightens the face and if you are looking for a change in look, this is just the perfect fringe hairstyle.

15. Wispy Bangs

fringe hairstyle

Source: Pinterest

Wispy bangs is just the hairstyle you want to be seen flaunting this beautiful season.

16. Layered And Beach Fringe

fringe hairstyle

Source: Healthfitnesstips

Layered beach fringe helps you keep your length just the way it should be.

17.  Natural Wavy Hair With Fringes

fringe hairstyle

Source: The right hairstyles

For a simple and less elaborate makeup, here is the right fringe hairstyle to pair with it.

18. Side Bangs

fringe hairstyle

Source: Pinterest

Keeping your hair healthy should always come first regardless of any hairstyle you pick hence why this type of fringe is recommended for hair’s with frizz or if it’s prone to breakage.

19. Sleek Fringe Haircut

fringe hairstyle

Source: Dereksyuen

A sleek fringe is everything you want it to be in 2024, it needs to be carefully trimmed and well maintained in order to really like it, it requires being kept neat and well tucked in at all times.

20. Curly Hair Brow Grazing Bangs

fringe hairstyle

Source: Yara Shahidi

Yara Shahidi hairstyles have always been found adorable and worth the change, quite easy to maintain if you already have a curly hair, you can ask your stylist to add some interesting edges to it or simply have the curls at the front alone.


As women grow older, the variety of hairstyles they make have an influence on how the face features get to be more interesting and even the hairstyles to be made are limited however when it comes to fringe.

It gives one a youthful look you can’t help but love and all you had to do is choose a suitable fringe hairstyle to show off your face shape and have fun with.