Are Banana Peels Good For Tomato Plants?

What plants are banana peel good for?

Banana peels are the outer covering of the banana fruit and are useful for lots of things especially for growing plants and banana being the most loved fruits across the world contains essential nutrients but they do decompose quickly which makes it a great composite material to put around your plants.

Tomato plants are heavy feeders and to grow tomatoes successfully, you need to give it proper care which is why they are simple tips gardeners have to help them grow a healthy tomato and banana peels are considered to be an excellent practice to have planted under your tomato plants but are they good for tomato plants?

Bananas are a great source of nutrients, it contains phosphorus and potassium which are highly important for growing tomato plants and the peels contains just the same amount of nutrients and can be used as home remedies and the fact that they do decompose quickly makes them useful as an organic side-dressing treatment for most garden plants.

Feeding banana peels is an old gardening trick and this is because it is considered to be a superfood substitute to chemical fertilizer, they offer rich essential benefits and if you intend to plant dozen of tomatoes this season, banana peels might come in handy in helping you grow your tomatoes.

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Are banana peels good for tomato plants?

Are Banana peels Good For Tomato Plants?Image: Envato Elements

Yes, banana peels are excellent for tomatoes, they are a good source of potassium and phosphorus which are both important nutrients for tomato plants, potassium acts as a method of transport for the sugars within the tomato plants and it also helps to balance water and ions while phosphorus helps in turning the different nutrients the plants use to grow.

Banana peels are a great substitute to chemical fertilizers and they offer essential nutrients to the soil hence it is good to plant a banana peel under your tomato plants when you transplant them into the garden or into their final pots, this will enrich the soil and provide it with extra nutrition.

How many banana peels should I put under my tomato plant?

Banana’s are rich in minerals and you can simply plant one banana peel under each plant and for side dressing plant 1-2 around the base of your tomato plants and cover them up with soils to ensure they are not visible to be invaded by animals or pests.

You can also add fresh banana peels to your tomato plants by soaking in water for a day or two and adding the water with the leached nutrients in it to your tomato plants.

Are Banana peels Good For Tomato Plants?


The high concentration of potassium found in banana peels can help you grow tomatoes successfully, it enriches the soil and if you want to grow healthier plants while saving money, one of the easiest ways to do this is making your own fertilizer at home and this can be down with banana peels and some other household ingredients.

Potassium allows the plants to prepare for the budding phase and regular high potassium is essential for tomato plants hence if you are planning on planting lots of tomatoes, start saving your banana peels.

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