Are Eggshells Good For Tomato Plants?

How do you add eggshells to tomato plants? Eggshells are the hard outer covering of an egg and they are touted as very useful in the garden for practically everything and this can also repel pests.

There are so many things eggshells can be used, it can be used as a calcium and mineral-rich additive to feed bird and chicken, this calcium is also considered good for your tomatoes.

There is so much to take note of when growing tomatoes to avoid splits and cracks when it’s time to harvest however they won’t start to grow until the soil and air temperatures remain warm and calcium is another essential mineral tomatoes needs.

Tomatoes are the most popular veggies grown in the garden and they love heat and you can speed things up with simple growing tips and secrets, tomato plants require lot’s of love and care, improving the nutrients in the soil used in growing tomatoes is important and eggshells do contain some nutrients but are they safe to your tomato.

As eggs shells break down, calcium and other nutrients are released freely into the soil, eggshells are considered highly nutritious to plants, read on to discover if eggshells are great ideas for tomato plants.

Are eggshells good for tomato plants?

Planting seeds in eggshelsImage: Envato Elements

Yes, eggshells are great ways for you to add nutrients to your tomatoes plants and it consists mainly of calcium and deters slugs at the same time, it releases calcium freely into the soil thereby making your tomatoes grow more buds and strengthen them as well.

Eggshells can sometimes help prevent blossom end rot and this is likely to happen when the tomato can’t absorb the calcium it needs hence why the eggshells are good to provide the extra calcium it needs to thrive.

You can use raw eggshells on tomato plants however hardboiled eggshells are easier to prepare and you just have to save your eggshells in a container and used them crushed around your tomato plants.

How do I put eggshells on tomato plants?

Eggshells work wonders for your tomato plants and if you are looking to increase the calcium in tomato plants, plant your tomatoes and dig a deep hole, pull off the bottom leaves, and plant half of the stem in the ground where it will grow auxiliary roots and then bake the shells until they are completely dry and you will need lot’s of eggshells to make a measurable impact, use a blender or mortar and pestle to crush the shells down into a fine powder before putting into the soil provided for planting the tomatoes.

Are eggshells good for tomato plants?

Final Thoughts

Eggshells in your tomato plant may sound surprising but they of a lot’s of benefits to all kinds of plants, it is a source of calcium to your garden and if you have a tomato plant that you want to keep healthy from blossom rot then eggshells might come in quite handy as blossom rots occur when a tomato can’t absorb the calcium it needs and other varieties like cold soil temperature, too much nitrogen or inconsistent watering can also lead to having a split tomato.

Tomatoes love calcium and eggshells are organic, natural, and rich in nutrients which is just what you tomatoes need.

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