What is The Best Source of Collagen?

In recent years, collagen supplements have become the latest buzzword in health, it is very common and plays a vital role in the body, it is the major component of connective tissues in the body and it’s hard not to find tubes of powdered collagen in a grocery store or drugstore shop, there are also several foods that you can eat that can increase your collagen intake (1).

Collagen is the abundant protein in your body and it is important for lots of things in the body such as improving joint pain, boosting metabolism, and others. Collagen is an important protein when building the blocks of the skin and it can be found in bones, tendons, ligaments and it is also found in the lining of the guts.

Collagen has many important benefits, it is a protein made up of specific amino acids which are built of oxygen, carbon, and hydrogen which helps to repair and maintain your skin, it combines the nutrients from eating protein-rich foods like eggs, berries, fish, chicken, beef and dairy products with amino acids and you can also restore collagen the use of topical vitamin C (2).

Which foods are high in collagen? As the body ages, collagen production begins to diminish and your body may no longer absorb nutrients as it used to and this is why you need a great source of collagen.

Here is what you need to know to improve your skin’s collagen production.

What Is Collagen?

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Collagen is found in the body mostly in areas like the joints, skin, and bones.

Collagen is a protein that helps maintain the integrity of the cartilage which is the rubber-like tissue which protects your joints, the substance makes about a third of all the protein in the human body and also plays a very essential role (3).

This plays a protective role in the body more than any other type of protein, it is also the most common type of protein the human body and besides it giving you radiant skin, it can at as anti-inflammatory, reduce joint pain and aids in digestion.

Collagen has varieties of health benefits in the body and to understand this protein well, it can be said to be the glue that helps our body to maintain it’s shape and structure.

There are different types of collagen and when your body makes collagen, it combines amino acid and the nutrients you get from healthy foods like egg, fish, beef, berries, tropical fruits, and garlic (4).

What destroys collagen?

It is important that you understand how collagen works as this could reduce the possibility of it getting destroyed (5).

Collagen is an important protein in the body but can be

  • Collagen can be easily destroyed by excessive sun exposure,
  • Too much sugar and processed carbohydrates such as pasta, bread, and baked goods can lead to having a lumpy skin.
  • Squinting in the sun can cause wrinkles around the eyes and crow’s feet
  • Collagen can be destroyed by dehydration, this leads to oxidative stress which in turn produces free radicals and damages the skin tissues.
  • Smoking destroys collagen and elastin, it decreases the estrogen, even casual smoking can destroy collagen hence this should be avoided completely if you want to save your collagen.

Does banana contain collagen?

Does banana contain collagen?

Yes, banana is a great source of protein, it contains vitamin c which protects your body against cell and tissue damage, it also contains some nutrients that can help with skin health and a banana face mask is also considered beneficial to the skin, it can help improve collagen through silica (6).

What vegetables have collagen?

Eating foods that are high in collagen helps increase collagen production, these foods have to contain enough minerals and vitamins to aid collagen production and complete the steps of collagen synthesis (7).

Some vegetables contain more potent nutrients and help to preserve the collagen already in the body, dark green vegetables contain nutrients that keep your skin healthy, here are some of the dark green vegetables to go for:

  • Spinach
  • Kale
  • Broccoli
  • Collard greens
  • Rainbow chard

These vegetables contain vitamin c and they are more important because they keep the skin healthy and contain chlorophyll which is the source of pigment and it increases procollagen in our skin hence these specific vegetables would be part of our diets.

Where can I get collagen naturally?

What is The Best Source of Collagen?

Collagen plays a vital role in the body and as the body ages, it produces less of collagens and this is when we start to look for anti-aging creams and serums like face wash, creams, and supplements and even go to the spa to find all kinds of treatments but you really do not have to do all this as you can easily get them from foods which us the natural way to get collagen, You can have lot’s of collagen and preserve the one in your body by eating some certain foods that are a good source of vitamins and minerals (8).

A natural collagen plan involves consuming foods that are high in collagen, this is a safe method of preparing damaged collage, some of the food sources of collagen include, fish, chicken, garlic, berries, red and yellow vegetables, egg white, avocados, bell pepper, soy, tomatoes, bone broth, beans beef and citrus fruits.

Is Jello a good source of collagen?

Strawberry jelloImage: Envato Elements

Yes, jello contains collagen although this is not a nutritious food choice but can be really beneficial in restoring collagen to the body.

Jello has been shown to play an important role in joint health and brain function, it is actually similar to collagen and it is considered a clear liquid food which makes it an easy treat to whip up and enjoy for its hydration benefits as well (9).

Final Thoughts

Collagen is not just a vital protein in your body but the most plentiful protein in your body and it’s in your muscle, bones, joints, organs, blood vessels, skin, intestinal lining, ligaments and other connective tissues in your body and as we get older, our body produces less of collagen and this is when you may need to change your dietary supplements and consume more food high in minerals and vitamins.

You can’t measure your college level but can certainly tell when it’s decreasing and you can easily find out if your body needs more and above is a guide to help you get more collagen.

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