What’s so Special about Expensive Skincare Products? Are They Worth it

When visiting a drugstore or any other cosmetic store, you always have the same doubt – is it worth investing in high-end skincare products, or the more affordable ones will do the same thing for you? And you are completely right to have these thoughts because the internet is overwhelmed with videos and different types of content that claim there are cheaper product dupes to any luxury and expensive products.

But can we say that expensive cosmetics have more advantages compared to affordable products?

Expensive skincare products often claim to use high-quality, luxurious ingredients that are supposed to deliver better results compared to less expensive products. Still, the decision on whether you should buy luxury skin care products depends on your preferences first, then additional factors like your current skin condition, specific concerns, and of course, the formulation. Some high-end products may indeed deliver noticeable improvements, but it’s important to keep in mind that there are also many effective, less expensive alternatives available.

What you can do is extensively research your options, read reviews, and compare the ingredient lists. Until then, let’s check on the:

Reasons to invest in more expensive skincare

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High-end products are often made of quality ingredients, which is a great contribution to better results. Some high-end products contain higher concentrations of active ingredients, which can be more effective in addressing specific skin concerns.

Many popular brands embrace unique technologies while developing the formulas, which gives an additional luxury feeling while using the product. And finally, the brand reputation says it all.

Experienced brands are building their reputation for decades, and people trust them when it comes to deciding whether to invest in their expensive products or not.

Should I consider using expensive product dupes for a more affordable price?

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There are many reasons to do that, but also many others against it. Just because a product is cheaper doesn’t mean it lacks quality or won’t target your specific skin concerns. On the other hand, many are worried that less expensive brands don’t pay enough attention to production standards and ingredients quality. Dupes may contain lower-quality or cheaper ingredients compared to the original, but often they are equally good as the high-end product. It’s up to you to research the ingredients and compare the original and dupe products, to come up with a decision.

Still, just because a dupe product has a similar formula to a high-end product, it doesn’t necessarily mean it will deliver the same results. You can surely test it, and see how it performs on your skin.

As we said, sometimes a nice combination of high-end and more affordable products will do its magic, and result in glowy and dewy skin and even tan.

Can I still accomplish good results using more affordable skincare products?

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You can absolutely use more affordable brands and still manage to accomplish exceptional results. Many budget-friendly brands provide the best skin care, like over-the-counter products you can easily buy everywhere. The key is to choose products that are formulated to address your specific skin concerns and are appropriate for your skin type.

But, do you know what’s even more important? You must be consistent with your routines. Skincare products aren’t magical, but when you are consistent, the results are extraordinary. Also, try to apply sunscreen after your morning routine, because sun damage contributes to specific skin conditions, and makes your skin look older and tired.

While expensive skincare products can offer luxurious ingredients and unique technology, there are many affordable options available that can deliver similar results.

Sometimes, the best way is to visit your dermatologist or aesthetician, so you can determine what type of skincare your skin needs. Maybe you should target some specific concerns first before adopting a complete routine that includes using different products in the morning and before going to sleep.

How to properly combine skincare products?

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Even though everyone has a unique way of treating their skin, there are some general instructions on how to properly incorporate different products into your routines.

For example, always wash your face using a gentle cleanser, so you can remove any dirt or makeup. Skincare experts suggest double cleansing in the evenings, so you first use an oily cleanser, and then a water-based cleanser. You can save money on expensive cleansers because you keep them on your face for less than a minute.

Still, investing more money in serums, creams, and moisturizers is completely worth it. Once you’re done with the cleansing, you need to apply toner (in the morning) or exfoliant serum in the evening. Don’t use exfoliant acids the days you use retinoids and vice versa. In the morning, you can use vitamin C serums, while applying peptides at the night.

The goal is to wait for every layer to absorb before applying the next product. Be careful of the active ingredients, and research the proper way to use them together. That way, you’ll prevent any side effects that may occur.


As you have already guessed, proper skin care does not always depend on expensive products. Sometimes, it is enough just to find the right combination of ingredients, formulations, and structure of the product itself, and thus achieve excellent results in the treatment of your skin.

Of course, we emphasize that if you are facing specific skin problems, it is good to take care of them properly. Consult a dermatologist first, as some conditions require medical treatment. And when everything is under control, then you can choose whether you will use luxurious and expensive cosmetics or you will able to find something good in the drugstore offers.

When you use the right products in the right way, results are visible even after two weeks of use. Of course, do not expect a miracle from cosmetics. But what you can certainly expect is a significant improvement, whether you’re treating acne, dry skin, redness, or a much more specific problem.

It’s up to you to choose now and find the best products that meet your skin requirements. Use this article as a basic guide, and build your routine accordingly.