The Lowdown on Russian Eyelash Extensions: Understanding the New Trend 2024

Russian eyelash extensions are also known as 3D-6D lashes, or volume lash extensions too. They are different than the traditional extensions and require skills and advanced knowledge so the technician can be able to refine the result.

That’s why we recommend visiting an experienced salon where skilled people work. Since the intervention is a little risky, don’t let anyone get close to your eyes if they aren’t sure what Russian lashes are.

So, the first thing you have to do is to stay informed on this method. Second, find here your options for Russian lashes, or check the studios and cosmetics salons around you, to spot the professionals. Don’t try to do this at home, because it requires knowledge, experience, skills, and professionalism to accomplish a thing like this.

Still, you need to know that this unique technique involves ultra-thin lashes attached to your natural lash, resulting in exceptional volume.

Here are additional things you must be aware of (as we mentioned some of them already):

Always look for a skilled technician


The person who applies the Russian lashes must be skilled and experienced. These people go to different courses and training sessions, and they even practice a lot of times before obtaining certification.

That’s why you shouldn’t settle for the first studio you find the offer. Just the opposite, you have to spend some time researching the topic, first to see if this technique is right for you, and second, looking for the best professionals around.

The result lasts up to six weeks

Just like every other extension, Russian eyelashes aren’t forever. But, you can be calm for a few weeks. With proper care, your eyelashes will look beautiful for six weeks before you need to visit the technician again. However, the lifespan of the extensions will depend on how well you take care of them.

If you want a long-lasting result, you need to maintain the look with regular touch-ups with your technician.

More lashes are applied to one natural lash


A bunch of lashes is applied to a single lash, and that’s why the result is voluminous. The usual traditional technique includes one artificial lash to one natural lash, and that’s why we need to make a distinction between the different approaches.

Russian extensions involve attaching multiple ultra-fine lashes to each natural lash, creating a fuller look.

You can choose between different styles

One of the perks of Russian extensions is your option to combine different lengths and styles, so you can receive a custom look.

That way, you get what fits best your facial properties. You can follow your individual preferences, or choose to trust your technician. And we must say, people who use this type of eyelash extension are always more satisfied compared to any other method.

Low-maintenance but expensive method


Because of the way this method is performed, and used materials, it’s more costly compared to traditional lash extensions. The cost will also depend on the technician you choose, the location, and the specific style and length of the extensions.

On the other hand, they require minimal maintenance, which means you don’t have to change your cosmetic products just because you have extensions now. Still, avoid using oil-based makeup removers, as they can affect the quality of artificial lashes. Also, never rub or pull the lashes while removing the makeup.

Are there any risks?

Every beauty treatment comes with some risk, and Russian eyelashes aren’t an exception. If you plan on getting them, you must be aware that in some cases, they may cause an allergic reaction, especially the glue i.e. adhesives used to extend the lashes.

As a result, you may feel itchy around the eyes, or experience redness and swelling. When not applied properly, Russian eyelashes may cause an eye infection, as the same glue sometimes traps bacteria and other debris. Also, glue particles may end up in your eye, causing an itchy feeling.

After the treatment, you can experience some irritation, especially if you have sensitive eyes. And in the worst-case scenario, extensions may cause long-term inflammation of the eyelid.

That’s why it’s important to find a Russian eyelash technician who uses quality products while following the highest and strict hygiene standards. You should also make sure to follow the aftercare instructions provided by your technician, which may include avoiding certain activities or products for a period of time after the extensions have been applied.

But, if you have some unusual symptoms, always contact the technician to ask what to do next. They may suggest medical attention, which we highly recommend since the damage can be permanent if not acting on time.

How to care properly?


Use your usual cosmetic products, but try to avoid oily cleansers or oil-based makeup removers. The oils react with the glue and weaken it, which will result in lashes falling off. Also, make sure you follow the technician’s instructions, as Russian lashes are very delicate, and you can easily ruin them if not paying attention.

Be careful with the makeup too, because some ingredients can cause early falling off, which is not something you would like. Anyway, be careful, since extensions of any type aren’t a natural part of your body. Be very careful, and treat the eyelashes with a lot of care. That’s how you make the result more durable, and extend the lifespan of the Russian eyelashes.


There is not much to say after we explained all the perks and potential risks of using Russian eyelash extensions. The goal is to be patient, and always maintain good hygiene, so you can ensure lashes will last longer.

Also, if you don’t feel comfortable wearing the lashes, you can always ask your technician to remove them, as you shouldn’t try to do it yourself. If you like the result, ensure you schedule regular touch-ups to keep them fresh and nice looking for longer. And, of course, feel free to try other methods, until you find the one that fits your style the best.