Understanding the Dos and Don’ts of Meeting an Escort

Escorts are often professional and have experience in handling different clients, but this does not mean they can tolerate everything. Hence, clients can ruin their date with a hot escort by making the wrong moves.

If you’ve been with an escort before, you can tell that they are sensitive to conversations, your actions, and your surroundings. Clients should, therefore, understand what they need to do and not do when they are meeting an escort.

So, are you ready to make an appointment? If you are, then this article is for you. Let’s dive into the insights that will help you have a successful date and even secure another appointment with the same escort.

The Dos

Do book an escort from a reliable source

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Escorts often advertise their services on escort directories or other online platforms, thanks to technology. Whether you check on a directory or a social media platform, you will have an opportunity to view the profile and understand a little more about the escort. It is essential that you book the right escort to suit your needs. If you make a wrong move here, you might end up disappointed. Luckily, the Ivy Société escort directory has got you covered whenever you need an escort from Australia. All the escorts are professional and offer a variety of services.

Do prepare for the meeting

Escorts prefer clients who are ready for the session and know what they want. The most important preparation is getting tidy. So, take a shower, shave, dress well, and wear comfortable cologne. This will not only give you confidence when meeting your escort but will also make them comfortable around you. As you will notice, escorts take time to look good, apply makeup, wear expensive designer clothes and shoes, and smell good. They expect the same from you.

Be punctual

One thing that can ruin your date with an escort is being late for the meeting. If you are meeting at the lobby of your hotel, it is better to get there first and take a drink while waiting. This is also the same when meeting elsewhere to start your date. Escorts around the world, especially in Australia, charge by the hour; hence, they rarely ever are late because they do not want to start off the date on the wrong foot. However, you should not arrive too early if you are meeting an escort at their residence because they might be in a session with another client or busy cleaning the house for you. Just being punctual is good.

Do prepare the payment in advance

There is nothing to cause confusion because the escort’s charges are listed on their profile and a confirmation is made during the booking. So, prepare the payment before meeting the escort. There should be no frustrations or push and pull while paying. One more thing; it is good to appreciate that some escorts ask for payment before the session while others ask after. Usually, they ask for cash, which you should hand to them in an envelope. But if any other mode of payment is acceptable, then use it promptly.

Be nice all throughout the meeting

As mentioned, escorts are professionals, and they know how to handle different clients. However, it is good to be nice to them all throughout the session. You should maintain a respectful conversation that is fun as well. Avoid shouting, being abusive, or intimidating to the escort in any way. Many may not report you to the authorities, but they will just abort the meeting and walk away. For sure, this is not how you want it to end. If all goes well, do not forget to say thank you before parting ways.

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The Don’ts

Don’t get too intoxicated

No matter how much you love alcohol or any other intoxicating substance, it is good to take it slow when meeting with an escort. Many people have ruined their dates because they are too drunk to have a conversation, let alone get intimate. Escorts have feelings too, and they want to enjoy the session with a sober person as well. Additionally, it is easy for things to go wrong in many ways when someone is too intoxicated; some get abusive while others may even become violent. Escorts avoid such clients by all means.

Don’t demand extra services

Clients should never demand extra services that are not listed on the profile of the escort or not discussed during the booking. Escorts offer services they are comfortable with, and it is good to appreciate that. Others charge higher prices for some services, which is why there are different packages and prices. If you want something more, you can ask politely if the escort is open or, better still, wait and book another escort who is open to such services. It is even worse and unacceptable to try to pressure the escort to offer extra services.

Don’t expose yourself to risks

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You should not expose yourself to the risks of infection when meeting escorts. Therefore, ensure that you have protected sex, and pay attention to how the escort is offering other services. Although the session comes with a lot of ecstasies, you should not forget that your health comes first. Currently, you need to check if your escort is vaccinated against COVID-19 to lower the risks of infection. You too should ensure that you do not expose the escort to unnecessary health risks.

Don’t extend the session without paying

Clients should never extend a session with an escort as a favor; they should be ready to pay for it. Most escorts are willing to extend the meeting if they are paid for it and on the condition that they do not have another appointment. The best approach for clients is to ask the escort politely if they would be willing to extend the session. The good thing is that most escorts offer discounts for extra hours, but you need to discuss this before the meeting.

Final Words

There you go. These insights cover the dos and don’ts when meeting an escort. They are easy to follow and will help you have an enjoyable time. Escorts prefer to make their clients happy and appreciate it when they get a tip for it. It is even better to confirm that you will call the escort again for another date. So, make use of these tips.