7 Tips and Tricks for Solving Common Business Productivity Issues

Running a business isn’t always easy. There are plenty of factors and events that can destabilize your business and drag you down and there are those that might help you climb the tops; it all depends on how your skills and luck serve you.

Every business needs to be productive for it to be effective right? Yes, and when it comes to productivity, overtime issues may emerge where you can be hit with a productivity deficit where your business and your clients start to suffer. Fear not, there are ways that you can employ to combat productivity issues. What exactly is the topic of our article today and if you want to learn more keep reading.

Most productivity issues with individuals or businesses come from poor time management and if you ask anybody, they will confirm that. Most excuses we hear is that certain things couldn’t be done because of the time deficit or something along the lines “if we had more time it would have been done better!” If you are one of those that heard this on several occasions then this is where we educate you and where you can educate others on how to solve common productivity issues tied to “time deficits”. More on this topic can be found at techtimes.com.

Now let’s present some tips and tricks on how to combat time-based productivity issues!

1. Schedules Are Important

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Proper scheduling is really important in the business world. When schedules are applied correctly there will be no room for productivity issues and there will be no room for “couldn’t find the time to do it”. If you schedule everything during your work and off time you will be able to track your progress and if there is a need, reorganize and make adjustments on the go to meet the tasks of the day. This will also help you stay organized and stop wasting time on anything not related to your business. This way your productivity will be trackable, you will be more effective and the result of all that will be a clear success as explained by business experts from Innovation Vista.

2. No Notifications

It is not that hard to imagine how side things in life tend to influence our productivity and workday in general. You are on a tight schedule, you need to do some design work ASAP, and just like that, there is a notification on your PC or smartphone. You are aching to see what is going on, what is the notification or message about, and before you know it you have wasted half an hour sifting to every little thing on PC and phone that will not affect your result on work.

This is why we strongly recommend that you turn all notifications, turn your phone ones as well and focus on what you are doing. There are breaks that you will and must take and just then can you deal with these things if you don’t want your productivity to suffer.

3. Do the Things You Hate First

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Now, this might be a little counterintuitive but it works. We all have that one thing that we really hate doing and we procrastinate and postpone it as much as possible. The psychology with this is that you should do that one hated thing first because when you are finished with it, it will be so liberating and make you feel so good that anything else you got going on throughout the rest of the day will be nothing but a breeze and piece of cake.

4. Reward Yourself

Having a reward system might seem a bit laughable but thanks to psychology and a lot of smart people, we now know that if you reward yourself for getting something done or if you do a series of things, actually increases productivity. You are reprograming your brain to expect something nice when the job is done and believe it or not, it works when it comes to boosting productivity. Daily tasks can be tedious and most of us don’t like them but if you have a reword for when the job is done, especially something you or your workers like, the productivity will boost and you will have a very successful business.

5. Breaks

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No matter what type of business you are in and no matter how the tasks in your line of work are or aren’t difficult, having regular breaks where you can allow yourself and your brain to take a rest from what it’s doing is going to affect you positively. You will be more productive, eager to work and eager to get the job done.

One research showed that the top 10% of performers in any type of business take regular short breaks. Those can be from 10 to 15 minutes every hour or hour and a half. These will help you clear your mind which in return when you get back to work makes you more focused on what you have been doing.

6. Multitasking Is an Issue

Most people believe that they are or that they can be great multitaskers. For some this is true but for most of us, multitasking is really difficult. Science also proved that we as humans are not built for that mentality and that we are better when doing one task at a time. This is what you should aim for as well and be as focused as possible on one task at the moment. This will make you as productive as possible but you also have to remove all the things around you that may be considered as a distraction.

7. Steps and Processes

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Now, this might seem a bit too much to you, but it is a kind of walk before you can run a deal. Yes, it will take some time in the beginning but this will be very important to the businesses that delegate jobs to their employees. We will explain. Here you would want to have a list of all the steps and processes you need to take to finish a certain job or a task. This will help you track your progress on every job but it will also allow you to easily train others to do that job as well. This eases all of the job delegations and raises your efficiency with your time as well as your overall productivity.