Why 2024 is the Year to try Boxing

Boxing is one of the oldest known sports with a history that can be traced back through the generations. From the early days of the Olympic Games in Ancient Greece to Victorian-era London, where scores were often settled on the cobbles, boxing has become an essential part of human history and evolution. But does the noble art have a place in today’s modern, health-conscious society? And what can boxing offer to improve your lifestyle, health, and fitness?

Many questions hang over boxing’s future, and it has been debated numerous times in parliaments worldwide. Some nations have even made a move to ban all boxing and training on their land. There, you’ll see no amateur boxing clubs; zero professional fights staged at major venues and a lack of live TV coverage on the best bouts from the United States and the United Kingdom. In other nations, boxing has never been as popular as today, with the US, UK, France, Italy, Germany, and Australia amongst the most active countries for fight fans.

Are you a lover of boxing? You may enjoy following the big fights live on television, making predictions, and placing bets at MyTopSportsbooks. There are many ways to enjoy boxing without ever leaving the comfort of your home. But there are also many ways you can get involved. From training at your local gym to competing on the grand stage, boxing is for everyone. And we prove it in this article.

Read on as we explain the best ways to enjoy boxing, ranging from watching at home to joining a local boxing gym. By the end of this page, you will know and understand that the fight game is much friendlier and more accessible than its tough reputation suggests.

Watching boxing

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Have you ever watched a professional boxing match in person? There’s nothing quite like the thrill and excitement of taking your place in the crowd for a major championship bout. You can be ringside in your best clothes or near the back in the “cheap seats.” It matters not. You will enjoy a great view of the ring, sample the unique atmosphere of a live bout and see the warriors up close and personal.

There are many great venues across the US and UK to watch boxing, the most famous being Madison Square Garden in New York. That venue has staged some of the most memorable contests in history, including a stunning knockout win for Andy Ruiz Jr over Anthony Joshua. That ranks as one of the biggest upsets in heavyweight boxing, but it won’t be the last, that’s for sure. Check out the schedule and see when boxing is back in the garden.

The second most popular fight city in the States is Las Vegas and the world-famous MGM Grand. Fans have watched many greats compete in Sin City over the years, including Floyd Mayweather Jr, Manny Pacquiao, Tyson Fury, and Saul Alvarez. The 2024 boxing schedule already has some eye-catching bouts scheduled for Vegas. Check the schedule to begin planning your visit.

If you do plan to visit Vegas or New York to watch a professional boxing show, we advise planning well in advance and only purchasing your tickets through official channels, including the promoter. If you’re watching boxing in England, you’ll find the biggest bouts at the York Hall, Manchester Arena, Wembley, and O2 Arena.

Armchair fans

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There’s no need to travel to New York or London to watch boxing as the biggest bouts are shown on television and live streaming apps. Watch from your front room or when on the move through a modern smartphone. Thousands of professional rounds are shown live every month, and you can keep pace from anywhere on earth.

You’ll miss nothing in terms of excitement or atmosphere, while watching the bout on TV will bring you closer to the action. As well as having the best seat in the house, armchair fans benefit from expert commentary, live stats, updated scores, interviews, and more.

Making predictions

Boxing is fast-paced, unpredictable, and great fun to watch. That’s why millions of sports fans love to make predictions on the results of the top bouts.

Study the form and get the information needed to make a reliable prediction at a sportsbook. You can predict the winning fighter or play one of the many specials, including total rounds, method of victory, to be knocked down but win, and plenty more besides.

Learning the noble art

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If you want to get closer to boxing than any TV camera will allow, you can always join your nearest boxing gym. Read online reviews and visit the gym in person before you start to train. There are many great local boxing gyms with approachable staff and the proper safety measures in place. But that can’t be said for every gym down every backstreet.

Do your research to ensure you are joining the right gym for you, one that understands your requirements and what you’d like to take from the sport, such as learning self-defense, building strength and fitness, or losing weight. A good trainer at a proper boxing gym can help you achieve all that and more. But don’t worry, you won’t be thrown to the lions or asked to spar on your first night.

Training boxing is perfectly acceptable without ever having to compete or spar. Some of the exercises you can expect to find at a boxing gym include hitting the heavy bag and focus pads, circuits, weights, running, and more. You’ll lose weight, build muscle and ramp up your confidence levels fast. And even if it’s not one of your priorities, you’ll learn excellent self-defense.


Every local boxing gym needs help to thrive, and there’s always a place for able volunteers. If you have a background in boxing or fitness, you can lend a hand with training, coaching, or even keeping time during circuits. Perhaps admin is more your thing.

Professional and amateur boxing gyms need help from volunteers to help in many areas, including sponsorship. When you visit a gym, you can discuss their requirements and plan on a way you can help.