Why YouTube Unsubscribes Subscribers: What To Do

Let’s tell you why everyday subscribers unsubscribe from the channel…

The situation why YouTube unsubscribes subscribers is not uncommon. One of the most common reasons is violations of the terms of monetization of channels and YouTube’s user agreement, respectively.

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Let’s understand – why YouTube started writing off subscribers and how to stop this process. Let’s go!

“Scamming” subscribers

After the change of monetization rules, some owners of YouTube channels noticed – the number of subscribers at first increased, but then sharply decreases. The explanation is simple: many viewers click the “Subscribe” button when they see it in the recommendations. But if the content turns out to be uninteresting to them, after a while they unsubscribe.

If subscribers are attracted by fraudulent means, YouTube algorithms will instantly recognize and remove such subscribers. “Scammed” subscribers are added at once, usually by the hundreds or thousands

When the number of views lags far behind the number of subscriptions, the problem of why YouTube unsubscribes subscribers can become acute.

Here’s an example: a new video has been viewed by 100 people, 20 viewers have seen it through to the end, and 1-2 viewers have subscribed to the channel. But when the number of views is equal to 90% of all views – algorithms will immediately recognize the apparent “cheating”.

With the scam, that’s it. Now about the other reason for writing off subscribers – violation of service rules. There is also something to be said here.

Violation of YouTube rules

Source: androidcentral.com

YouTube periodically removes accounts/channels that violate the site’s rules. Blocking awaits those channels that impersonated another person or called for violence/extremism. Subscriber feedback and further blocking also await channels that:

  • Violated copyrights.
  • Distributed pornography.
  • Distributed spam.
  • Post content containing other people’s personal data.

Other reasons why subscribers unsubscribe

It’s not rare that subscribers unsubscribe themselves. They always dislike something and there’s nothing you can do about it. By the way, when a subscriber deleted his page, he also disappears from the subscriptions.

If the question of why YouTube unsubscribes subscribers still can’t be solved – just focus on producing quality content and don’t pay attention to the audience. Do your thing and fame, sooner or later, will come.

Authors of channels on youtube especially closely monitor the statistics of subscriptions, likes, and views, because it directly affects their income…… Why does it sometimes happen that youtube removes new subscribers, twists likes and even dislikes?

Every blogger is reverent about their subscribers, we are happy to see everyone who adds and subscribes to the channel. And then suddenly, bam and subscribers disappear or they unsubscribe or youtube is automatically deleted. Let’s deal with the question of where they disappear.

How to know how many people are subscribed during the day, how many people unsubscribe from your channel, and what is the reason? I suggest you do some analytics on your youtube account. Go to the creative studio, select analytics in the left menu, and select the period for which we want to see statistics. Click on the audience tab, it is in the audience tab and there are statistics on subscribers.

If you do everything correctly, you will see for the last 28 days, how many subscribers you have added. The graph immediately shows exactly how they were added, and on what day how many people were added to the channel. At the bottom of the graph, press the Details button. Youtube channel will give us a fantastic chart of multi-colored bars, scrolling down the mouse slider, we see on the left side the title of our videos, and on the right side in the column subscribers to which video on YouTube most people signed up.

Source: howtogeek.com

It’s worth analyzing which YouTube video brought you the most subscribers, it’s worth reviewing it. Why this particular video has so many subscribers? Subscribers affect a lot of factors, maybe the video made several times the call to subscribe and it stimulated all who watched it. So review your top three videos that brought you the most subscribers. Produce and release a fresh video in the same vein, using the same set of subscription phrases. But that’s not all friends, another great resource: SocialBlade for viewing and analyzing youtube channels.

By the way, not only yours but even your competitors. Let’s try to look through the statistics of any channel with the help of a social blade. In the search bar, type the address of the site on YouTube. You can see the number of uploaded videos, the number of subscribers, the number of views, and the country of the channel. Scrolling down the slider, you can see the chronology of subscribers.

On what day how many people increase and how many people decreased? On what date was the maximum number of subscribers and on what day was the maximum number of unsubscribes? Think about what factors were involved. Maybe that day a video was released on your channel?

How to make youtube automatically unsubscribes subscribers on your channels? I know from my personal experience when you go to your channel, turn on the video and start watching it and then press subscribe, press like, and get out of the video. There’s a very good chance youtube will automatically unsubscribe you from that channel if you watch less than a minute of the video.

Source: brandequity.economictimes.indiatimes.com

Not immediately, but after a couple of days. If people watch your videos for less than one minute, youtube will automatically unsubscribe those users thereafter. The service’s algorithm considers that the person is not into your videos, it’s not enough for full viewing. If a person watches your videos for more than one minute, youtube algorithms consider that person is addicted to your videos, he is interested in them. Also, if the person is watching your video for a long time and subscribe to your channel, that person is not automatically unsubscribed by the system.

I am against cheating because in the future the information may emerge and the channel can be banned or sanctioned. Nakrukat subscribers can not, the real subscribers themselves should come, be fond of your channel and enjoy watching your other videos as well. This is, of course, ideal!

What else makes your channel lose subscribers? Also in analytics, on your youtube channel, go to the source of subscriptions tab. Look at the chart, it shows information about new subscribers for a certain period of time. For example, we had almost 400 people – subscribed. Unsubscribed at the same time on channel 150. As a result, subscribers with a plus of 251! It is clear that new subscribers came from videos we have already seen. Keep up the good work!

Revisit the clips, why do people unsubscribe? Let’s analyze, a large number of people left because of what? You see, from your youtube channel they were unsubscribed on this page, then on the youtube view page. People unsubscribe, probably because the new videos that are released on the channel are not quite all satisfying! This is acceptable friends! We see closed accounts, also 11 percent of people who unsubscribed are closed accounts. People on youtube have abandoned accounts, youtube is purging this.

The purge was also in January 2020, late December, or early January. Youtube checked closed accounts very en masse and this subscription was cleaned – deleted. If you lost subscribers over the New Year holidays then please write me in the comments under the YouTube video. Is it really so? I know that I was contacted by my friends, my subscribers, who said that over the New Year’s holidays, a large number of people disappeared.

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