How To Cut Book Printing Costs: 6 Smart Tips

The day-to-day operations of a business need printing services as an essential function. Regarding book printing, the costs will increase, especially when you own a printer.

Research shows that one employee’s printing habits can cost a company USD 725 per employee. If the company’s employee size is more than 150, the amount will account for USD 108,750.

For a small business, it can be between 5-15% of the total expenditure they incur. Also, it would help if you saw whether the company is expecting more than the ideal amount.

Hence, it is important to form an effective strategy that can help reduce book printing costs. Here are 6 ways in which you can do it:

1. Smarter Decisions


The first step towards cutting book printing costs is making rational and smart decisions. The first one is to know whether the documents for printing are required in hard copy at all costs or whether a soft copy will do.

If the soft copy works well and suits your requirement, you do not need to take the printing road.

So, after you are done with finalizing the document, all you need to do is save it in PDF format. It is the best way to access your documents and edit them easily. Also, you can distribute the copy to various people without using any more ink or paper.

It helps you reduce the time you will spend locating the documents. Hence, it is a beneficial idea and, of course, saves your time and money.

2. Using Two Sides And Margin Reduction


Ink cartridges are expensive in comparison to black and white inks. So, if you switch to black-and-white printing, the costs are automatically reduced.

The colored printing costs are at least 8 times more, and the second option will help you save cents from the beginning. They begin adding up and become huge amounts by the year-end.

Further, you can consider using both sides of a paper for duplex printing. Paper usage goes down by 50% like this. It is the best for internal use. Books are usually in black ink only, so it is a cost-saving option.

The Microsoft Word setting by default of the printing margin is 1.25 inches. You can change it to 0.75 inches. It is the best way to get more information or data on a single page.

Also, it will help in reducing paper use by 4.75%. So, this is a shortcut to improving the profit margins.

3. Printing Only The Useful


Also, it would help if you previewed before printing; that will help you remove the unnecessary stuff from printing. It will take a few seconds but save a good amount of money.

You can delete unnecessary data, sentences, repetitions, and gaps, and also consider reducing the image and text sizes. You should check the document twice, so there are no layout issues or typo errors; otherwise, you will have to print it again.

Web page printing and giving it the look of a book only includes the sections you need. So, it would help if you did some adjustments. You need to fit important information in the least possible pages. Also, you should specify the pages that you wish to print.

5. Consider Using An Ink Friendly Font


Another tip that can help you save the book printing cost is going for a font that is ink-friendly. Books need to be read with comfort and should not cause issues to the readers with fonts that are either too big or too small.

6. Online Copies, Binding Alternatives, And Much More


The 21st century belongs to digital aspects, and when you want to cut the cost of book printing, this angle kicks in. Two options can help you go about it.

The first one is that you begin using online copies or e-books. It is a cost-saving and eco-friendly option that saves time and money. You can share it with different people through email and try to include many people within the same document by giving them access.

Are you wondering about the result?

You save paper and money by not doing multiple printouts of the same thing. The second option is that you can go for binding alternatives.

You need not always go for a hardcover for the pages. You can go for a soft one made of paper, not cardboard. It will cost you less, and also, you can be sustainable with your printing goals.

There is another tip for you. The printers and similar devices consume energy when they are not in use. They save energy which can help you reduce your energy bills.

Also, when the printer is not being used, you can put it in sleep mode. It can be a routine during the holidays and weekends, too. It is a beneficial step as you can save on the usage of the machine as it will not depreciate soon. Also, the bills will reduce, which can add to the savings.

Choosing A Reliable Service Provider


There are many reliable service providers for the same. It is better to take the professional route. You can check on this site if you are looking for a professional for book printing services.

An expert team will target the required areas and significantly reduce printing costs.

You can check if the service providers offer preventative maintenance and cost reduction. Also, they can look for unplanned downtime on the printing equipment in use.

The best part about hiring a professional is that they can focus on the right use of business resources to achieve maximum output at the least cost. Maintenance and monitoring are possible that will help you invest your financial resources at other places that need them.


Book printing costs can be reduced with minimal effort. It would help if you were cautious of your steps and your surroundings so that they will help you save money and invest it in better places.

Initially, you can try to do these things out of intention, and later, they will become a part of the functioning. You will be amazed to see the final figures you will save by the end of the year.