8 Style Tips On How To Match Your Straw Bag With Your Outfit

A fashion accessory and a necessary piece at the same time. A woman’s bag is a fascinating part of the wardrobe that has the purpose of complementing the look, so if it is carefully chosen, it can highlight the best of you, emphasize your silhouette or cover up flaws.

No matter what style you prefer, classic or more relaxed, the right bag can bring it to perfection. Straw bags are the biggest trend this season, and the selection is really diverse.

Although they used to be worn all year round, today we mostly associate them with summer days and light outfits. They have grown from simple shapes into some very unique and interesting models that can either blend perfectly into an outfit or completely transform it with their special design. Below, see some of the ideas on how to combine it with any outfit.

Beach style

Elegant shapes, brown shades that go with everything, and an aesthetic reminiscent of summer in Italy are just one of the reasons why we see these bags everywhere. You can easily combine them for the beach and store snacks and your favorite beauty products in them.

They will look irresistible with white items on your walk around the city, and they are also a cool choice for traveling because they fit everything you need and don’t need. You can visit this site to find more ideas about perfect straw tote bags.

Romantic look

If you like loose summer dresses with floral patterns, the ideal fashion accessory for this combination is flat sandals, sunglasses, a ribbon on your hair, and a straw bag in your hands.

Night out

Source: thestreetvibe.com

These bags can also be combined in evening outings, especially if it’s a romantic dinner and drinking cocktails on the seashore. Do you remember the flowy romantic dress? Replace the straight hair with glasses, curl your hair into perfect curls and you’re ready!

Less is more

The golden rule when it comes to fashion. Why not simply combine white or beige wide-leg pants, a white tank top, and a brown straw bag and belt? Choose simple flat slippers and you’ll look like a million bucks.

Boho style

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The simplest way to introduce and briefly explain the boho style to someone is to remind them of the hippie style of clothing and life in general that prevailed in the 70s of the last century, and which is still present today.

A simple straw bag will be a perfect addition to ethnic motifs, fluffiness, layering, and transparent light materials such as silk, linen, and viscose. You can’t go wrong with Boho because there are no rules when combining! It allows us to completely free ourselves, and play with combinations, and let our imaginations run free!

Street style

If you ask us for the definition of street fashion, the best description would be trying your best to look like you’re wearing the first thing you saw when you opened your closet, when in fact it’s a combination you’ve carefully chosen.

One such combination is a simple white t-shirt, boyfriend jeans, a shirt tied around the waist, and white sneakers. Do you know what is missing from this combination? A hat or sunglasses (or both) and of course – a straw bag.

Big bag and flat shoes and vice versa

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There is a golden rule when it comes to combining bag and shoes.If your bag is large, the shoes must be less noticeable. Combine a large bag with flat, less noticeable shoes. And don’t worry, you’ll look glamorous.

Quality is important

When buying a straw bag, give priority to quality because in that case it will last much longer and will not be damaged as quickly. Since straw bags are timeless and trendy every summer, you can’t go wrong by investing a few dollars more in your new favorite summer bag. Of course, if you use it exclusively for going to the beach, it would be senseless to pay a lot for it when it will come into contact with sand and water.

Women’s bags vary in shape and size, so you can find miniature models that will force you to carry only the necessary things with you, up to slightly larger ones that fit everything. Also, these handbags are ideal for a relaxed walk in the city, but also for going to the beach in the upcoming summer days.

Source: washein.com

Combine them with classic or elegant clothes, the choice is yours, and their power of adaptation is great. At the beginning of the year, fashion houses already passed them as the number one trend when it comes to choosing this year’s bag.

Apart from being a fashion accessory and what is important is that they fit in with the rest of a woman’s fashion look, they are often very practical. In your bags, you can carry things that are necessary for you and that you use even when you leave the house, although there are also those women who do not part with many things that are of no use to them when they are outside the house.

Men often cannot understand why women have different bags for all seasons. The choice of handbag size usually depends on the occasion you are preparing for, your needs, and your habits.

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Some women simply cannot imagine leaving the apartment without a large bag. For evening outings and formal occasions, small handbags are enough for you, in which, in addition to the three listed items, you can also put lipstick, so that you can fix your make-up.

From all of the above, it is clear to you that it is not very difficult to match women’s bags with the rest of the outfits. You can always find inspiration on the Internet and see that maybe what you considered incompatible is your perfect outfit.